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  • Ferulic acid - natural whitening ingredient

    Ferulic acid has gradually begun to be applied in the field of beauty cosmetics, especially its whitening, freckle removal, sun protection and other functions, which have injected new vitality into the rapidly advancing modern cosmetics industry.

  • Bulk vitamin b12 produced from Maxmedchem

    Vitamin B12 has been one of the popular ingredients of Maxmedchem that mainly procuces pharmaceutical intermediates and other products, with complete testing equipment and strong technical force. The Vitamins are complete in variety, good in quality, reasonable in price and exquisite in appearance.

  • Natamycin side effects

    Natamycin is a natural antifungal compound produced by the fermentation of Streptomyces. It belongs to polyene macrolides. It can not only inhibit the growth of various molds and yeasts, but also inhibit mycotoxins.

  • Vitamin D has been made a major breakthrough in the production

    Vitamin D works with calcium to support your bones. You need vitamin D to absorb calcium from the food you eat as it passes through the intestines. If you don't have enough vitamin D, the body can't get calcium from food so it takes calcium out of your bones.

  • Histidine's effects and side effects

    Histidine also helps to form many different enzymes and compounds in the body. In addition, histidine works to formulate a compound called metallothionein inside of the cells of the brain, liver, and kidneys

  • Chlorogenic acid can be called a health artifact

    In order to maintain normal functions of the human body, in addition to the five nutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemicals are added; chlorogenic acid is one of the phytochemicals. Chlorogenic acid (CGA), also known as coffee tannic acid and eucommia chlorogenic acid, is a natural polyphenolic com

  • Anti-migraine have 6 categories

    6 Categories of Drugs for Anti-migraineMigraine is a common clinical chronic neurovascular disease characterized by recurrent, pulsating, severe headache on one or both sides. It lasts 4 to 72 hours. Before the attack, there are often auras such as blurred vision, flashing light, hemianopia, hemilat

  • Penicillin drugs are one of the most commonly used antibiotics

    Penicillin drugs are one of the most commonly used antibiotics in clinical practiceFirst of all, the mechanism of action of penicillin antibiotics is to interfere with the synthesis of the cell wall of pathogenic bacteria and its bactericidal effect. The cell wall synthesis stage of pathogenic bacte