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Betaine Anhydrous

  • Model Number: Betaine Anhydrous
    Purity: 96% 98%
    Color: Pure White


What is Betaine Anhydrous? 

Betaine anhydrous is a chemical that the body produces naturally.Beets, spinach, cereals, seafood, and wine are all sources of it.

Homocysteine, a chemical, is processed by the body with the assistance of betaine anhydrous muscle building.

Blood, bones, the eyes, the heart, muscles, nerves, and the brain are just a few of the many parts of the body where homocysteine plays an important role in normal function.Betaine anhydrous bodybuilding is prevented by betaine anhydrous.

Basic information 
Common Name: Betaine
Other Name Trimethylglycine,Glycine Betaine, Betaine Anhydrous
CAS Number: 107-43-7
Molecular Weight : 117.146
Density : 1.00 g/mL at 20 °C
Molecular Formula: C5H11NO2
Melting Point : 301-305 °C(dec.)


Betaine Anhydrous Usage And Synthesis

Strength Enhancement

Betaine contributes to the methylation of homocysteine into methionine.Creatine synthesis relies heavily on methionine.Therefore, a proposed mechanism for betaine’s power and strength enhancement is its capacity to increase creatine availability and muscle protein synthesis.

Reduces Body Fat and Builds

Lean Muscle Mass for Optimal Body Composition By possibly increasing creatine availability, studies have shown that betaine anhydrous muscle building may improve body composition and exercise performance.

Enhances Peak Power

Betaine anhydrous bodybuilding is a measure of how much energy is produced over a given distance.For powerlifters and bodybuilders, this means how much energy they can put into each rep with a barbell.It is the amount of energy expended in each revolution, when the tires spin, or when you generate momentum during a row, for endurance athletes or cyclists.A key metric for athletes who work at 90-100 percent of their maximum output for short periods of time is peak power.Neuromuscular adaptations and strength are all necessary for these kinds of activities.

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