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Essence medchem Co., Ltd

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At Maxmedchem, We specialize in the sustainable creation of high-quality biosynthesis ingredients. In both cosmetics and dietary supplements, biosynthetic approaches offer benefits such as sustainability, scalability, consistency, and purity, contributing to the development of natural and environmentally friendly products. Additionally, biosynthesis can reduce reliance on traditional extraction methods, which may be resource-intensive or environmentally damaging. For example, organic biosynthetic pathways can be engineered into microbial hosts to produce compounds like Urolithin A or Ergothioneine from Fermentation.

By choose bulk ingredient suppliers, not only do we provide quality ingredients, but we also offer “U.S” warehouse services. Assuring our customers can create  Antioxidant products that are both luxurious and effective.


As your long-term partner, Maxmedchem services are customized to meet the unique needs of your business.

E-commerce/Small Business

Starting with a budget as low as $500, our factory will manufacture your products and customize the packaging to meet all e-commerce requirements.

Medium to Large Business

If your annual purchasing volume exceeds $500,000, we can offer credit payment terms and assign a dedicated team to help you grow your business.

Product Development

If you need assistance in bringing your product idea to life, we can guide you through the entire product development process from prototyping to the final product.


For dropshippers at all levels, we provide highly discounted shipping rates, private label services, customized packaging, and maintain strict quality control.

Urolithin A Powder 99%
We Provide FDA-Halal-Kosher-Organic-FSSC22000 Certification


Quality Assurance

We take product quality very seriously. Compared with third-party inspection companies, we conduct 1-by-1 inspections on products, and we provide this service for free to reduce the defect rate to zero.

Competitive Prices

While many factories attract new clients with low service fees, they often quote expensive product prices. We, on the other hand, are transparent and encourage our clients to compare product prices to ensure they consistently receive competitive quotes from us.

Commitment to Our Clients

We take all our clients seriously, regardless of the size of their orders, as we aim to foster long-term relationships. Unlike other Chinese suppliers and sourcing agents, we will make every effort to secure compensation and minimize your losses in the event of receiving defective products.

Professional QA&QC Team

Our company has over 100 employees, Additionally, not all procurement projects require QA, but almost all require QC. If you buy some common synthetic biological ingredients, such as ergothioneine. or If you just do some simple customization (such as Cosmetic,Healthy ingredients), then it is enough to let QC inspect the goods at different purchasing stages. In contrast, most factory teams are smaller, with fewer than 40 people, and their expertise is limited to a specific category.

In-house Packaging Solution

Our warehouse boasts a dedicated production department that sets us apart from many other factories. We’re able to complete packaging work that others cannot, including customized packaging for smaller orders.

Special Services for Growing Businesses

For large-scale or rapidly expanding companies, we offer a range of additional services. This includes assigning a team of up to 20 people.

5000+ Clients Trust Maxmedchem

Using Maxmedchem was 100% worth it. I received high-quality products within 2 weiek. Maxmedchem has strict production follow-up management. They can solve the quality issues to avoid the risks. That saved me time and money. I am very happy with the work that was performed.

I did a small test order first, everything went very well. I received my first order and everything was fine. My agent Gigi was very friendly, helpful, caring and offered better solutions to me. It’s always a pleasure working with Maxmedchem.

Great factory. I worked with Maxmedchem for the last year to source products. Always reliable and products are of high quality. 3 orders this year and plan on more next year.

I love how personable they were and very timely. In the first week because of the time difference we set up a time to where we would both be online at the same time so we could message ack and forth. This was super helpful in making the process fast and efficient.

Maxmedchem is an easy company to deal with, especially our agent Gao, she will make sure that the products we receive are A+, she will tell the pH value of the products used in skin care products, this company 5 stars.

Maxmedchem is awesome! I learned about this company from LinkedIn and am now working with it. The designated manufacturer I worked with was very attentive, competent, knowledgeable, and patient! I was very pleased with their service and I recommend this company to anyone who is in the business of importing health ingredients!

I’ve been working with them since 2016 and I have to say that they offer excellent service. They are professional and competent people that care for their customers.


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