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Coenzyme Q10 Bulk

  • Product Name:CoQ10 Powder,Coenzyme Q10 Powder
    Synonym: Ubidecarenone
    Specification: 10% 20% 98%
    Appearance: Yellow to Orange Crystalline Powder
    CAS No.: 303-98-0
    EINECS: 206-147-9
    Molecular formula: C59H90O4
    Molecular weight: 863.3435
    Application:Used in health care products, food additives, cosmetics, medicines
    Certifications: ISO,KOSHER,Halal,Organic;
    Packing :25kgs/drum or 1kg/bag;
    Stock in LA USA warehouse;


What is Coenzyme Q10 Bulk?

The body naturally produces an enzyme known as coenzyme q10 bulk(ubiquinone). It is used by cells to generate and control energy. Additionally, it acts as an antioxidant. Free radicals, by-products of normal cell activity that are highly chemically active, cause damage to cells, which are protected by antioxidants.

People who are older and have chronic conditions like Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, muscular dystrophy, and heart disease appear to have lower levels of coenzyme q10 bulk powder. On the other hand, the extent to which these low levels contribute to these disorders is unknown.

Basic information    

Product Name CoQ10 Powder,Coenzyme Q10 Bulk Powder
Specification 10% 20% 98%
Active Ingredients Coenzyme
Appearance Yellow to Orange Crystalline Powder
Odor&Taste Characteristic
EINECS 206-147-9
CAS 303-98-0

Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight



Usage And Synthesis


Coenzyme Q10 Bulk Benefits

1. Maintains Natural Energy

Coenzyme q10 bulk contributes to the process known as “mitochondrial ATP synthesis,” which involves the transformation of the unprocessed energy found in foods (such as carbohydrates and fats) into the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) form that our cells use.

2. Can Offset the Effects of Statin Drugs and Improve Heart Health

Despite the fact that experts believe that more controlled clinical trials are required to demonstrate its effects, CoQ10 has significant potential for treating and preventing heart diseases. This is because it can boost free radical-scavenging abilities and improve cellular bioenergetics by acting as an antioxidant.

3. Mitochondrial ATP synthesis is necessary for maintaining a rapid metabolism, muscle strength, strong bones, youthful skin, and healthy tissue; however, abnormal mitochondrial ATP synthesis can result in issues.

4. May Help Prevent Cancer

Within cells, coenzyme q10 bulk helps transport proteins across membranes and separate certain digestive enzymes from the rest of the cell, both of which help maintain an ideal pH. It is thought that environments that have to work harder to maintain the right pH levels are more likely to see disease development.

5. May Protect Cognitive Health

In Parkinson’s disease and other cognitive impairments, symptoms are thought to be influenced by elevated oxidative stress in the substantia nigra of the brain.

6.Low levels of CoQ10 have been linked to poor lung function.

Coenzyme q10 bulk may protect against this. Supplements of coq10 pure, according to studies, may aid in increasing cell sufficiency, which may improve lung health. Before taking supplements, you should talk to your doctor or a pharmacist if you have a lung or respiratory condition.

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