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  • Product Name:d-ribose powder
    Grade:Food Grade



What is D-ribose?

The naturally occurring form, d-ribose, is a component of the ribonucleotides from which RNA is constructed, so this compound is required for the coding, decoding, regulation, and expression of genes. Ribose is a simple sugar and carbohydrate with the molecular formula C5H10O5 and the linear-form composition H(C=O)(CHOH)4H. It has an underlying simple, deoxyribose, which is a comparably fundamental part of DNA. Emil Fischer and Oscar Piloty first made l-ribose, an artificial sugar, in 1891.

Phoebus Levene and Walter Jacobs did not realize until 1909 that d-ribose was a natural product, the enantiomer of Fischer and Piloty’s product, and that it was an essential part of nucleic acids. Fischer chose the name “ribose” because it is a partial reorganization of the name of another sugar, arabinose, of which alpha d ribose is an epimer at the 2 the two names additionally connect with gum arabic, from which arabinose was first disengaged and from which they arranged l-ribose.

Basic information    

Description White or slightly yellow crystals or crystalline powder, reducing sugar. Visual
Assay 97.0%~102%(HPLC, dry basis) AJI97
Loss on Drying ≤3.0%(in vacuum, 60℃, 3hours) AJI97
Residue on Ignition (Sulfated) ≤0.2% AJI97
Specific Rotation [a]D20 -18.0°~ – 22.0° AJI97
State of Solution ≥95% AJI97
Heavy Metals ≤10ppm AJI97
Arsenic(As2O3) <2ppm AJI97
Other saccharide Not detectable (chromatographically) AJI97
Aerobic Plate Count <100cfu/g AJI9

D-ribose Benefits

1. May Help Recovery of Energy Stores in Your Cells

After periods of intense exercise, D-ribose supplements may help recover stores of ATP in muscle cells. However, this may not directly translate into improved exercise performance.

2. May Improve Heart Function in People With Heart Disease

Some evidence shows benefits of alpha d ribose for those with low blood flow to the heart muscle, as seen in conditions like coronary artery disease. This is likely due to the role of D-ribose in producing cellular energy.

3. May Improve Symptoms of Certain Pain Disorders

D-ribose could be beneficial for treating certain pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia. However, research in this area is limited.

4. May Benefit Exercise Performance

Some studies have shown that d-ribose may enhance exercise performance in those with low fitness levels or specific diseases. However, research does not support these benefits in healthy individuals.

5. May Improve Muscle Function

Limited research has reported mixed results regarding the ability of D-ribose supplements to improve muscle function and well-being in people with the genetic disorder myoadenylate deaminase deficiency (MAD).

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