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Huperzine A Powder Synthetic

  • Product Name: Huperzine A Powder
  • Other Name: Hup A , (-)-Selagine, Kimpukan A, Huperzine-A
  • Purity: 98% Synthetic
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • CAS No.: 102518-79-6
  • In Stock: 100Kg ~5000Kg
  • Standard: Enterprise Standard
  • Package: 25Kg/Drum or Custom Required
  • Inspected and tested by an international lab before each shipment
  • Application:Pharma Intermediates


What is Huperzine A Powder?

Huperzine a powder synthetic is a chemical that comes from Chinese club moss (Huperzia serrata) or fir club moss (Huperzia selago) plants. Best huperzine a powder was identified for medicinal use by scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the 1980s. It increases levels of a chemical called acetylcholine. This seems to help treat diseases that interfere with memory and thinking.




Huperzine A Powder Synthetic Specification



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By Maxmedchem Are:

  • FDA-approved
  • Halal certificate
  • Kosher Certified
  • Inspected and tested by international laboratories before each shipment


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Best way to take Huperzine A Powder

Huperzine a powder synthetic as a dietary supplement of huperzine-A tends to be in the range of 50-200mcg daily, and while this can be divided into multiple dosages throughout the day it tends to be taken at a single dose. Supplementation of huperzine-A does not require food to be coingested with it and can be taken in a fasted state.


Huperzine A Dosage

While there are some studies on huperzine A in humans, more high-quality clinical trials are still necessary.5679 For this reason, there are no guidelines on the appropriate dosage of huperzine A to take for any condition.

In clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease, however, the total daily dose (TDD) range was 0.2–0.8 milligrams (mg).5 For vascular dementia, the TDD range was 0.1–0.3 mg.7 Generally, a dosage of 0.4 mg twice daily for up to 24 weeks was well-tolerated.5

More consistent and reliable information is still necessary. Follow a healthcare provider’s recommendations or label instructions before choosing a dose for huperzine A.


Huperzine A Benefits

Huperzine A is used for Alzheimer’s disease, memory and learning enhancement, and age-related memory impairment. It is also used for treating a muscle disease called myasthenia gravis, for increasing alertness and energy, and for protecting against agents that damage the nerves such as nerve gases.


Huperzine A Powder Package

Huperzine a powder synthetic packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the products freshness, quality, and shelf life. Consider the following packaging features:

  • Packaging And Delivery
Packaging Details 10g/Bag,1Kg/bag/25kg/Drum, According to your requirements
Port China main port
  • In Stock
Supply Ability 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
  • Lead Time
Quantity (kilograms) 1-500 >500
Lead time (days) 5 To be negotiated


Where to buy Huperzine A Powder?

Maxmedchem huperzine a powder synthetic are tested by accredited third party labs in the USA to ensure their identity, purity and potency. huperzine a 99% Powder KOSHER/USP GRADE 40 TON In STOCK. If you want to wholesale and customize feel free to CONTACT US.




Q: What is the most common dosage form of huperzine A?
Huperzine A is available in a few different dosage forms, with capsules potentially being the most common.

Q: Are there huperzine A products from manufacturers in the United States?
Yes. There are huperzine A products made by manufacturers in the United States.

For added protection, check the product label to ensure that it was tested by a trusted third party, such as USP,, or NSF. Buying products tested by a trusted third party can reduce your risk of exposure to ingredients that might harm your health.

Q: Will huperzine A improve my workout?
Huperzine A is a common ingredient in pre-workout supplements. This is because it’s thought to improve brain or mental function, which may reduce your perceived sense of exertion (effort) and enhance exercise performance. However, based on a small clinical trial, huperzine A doesn’t seem to improve brain or mental function.

Q: Is it OK to take huperzine A every day?
This is uncertain. According to a 2013 article, people with Alzheimer’s disease can likely tolerate 0.4 milligrams (mg) of huperzine A by mouth twice daily for up to 24 weeks.5 But there’s limited information about huperzine A’s safety—especially with long-term use of more than 24 weeks.

Q: How do I take huperzine A safely?
In general, to take natural products—like huperzine A—safely, inform a healthcare provider and pharmacist about any medication changes. This includes OTC, herbal, natural medications, and supplements.

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