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Isonicotinic Acid

  • Chemical Name: Isonicotinic Acid
  • CAS No.: 55-22-1
  • MF: C6H5NO2
  • MW: 123.11
  • Specification: USP|EP|BP
  • Purity: >98% or As customer requested
  • Color: white to light yellow crystal powder
  • Solubility:6g/l
  • Product Categories: Nitrogen cyclic compounds;API’s; Chemical Synthesis;Pyridine;Pyridines
  • Test method: HPLC


Isonicotinic acid is a pyridinemonocarboxylic acid in which the carboxy group is at position 4 of the pyridine ring. It has a role as a human metabolite and an algal metabolite. It is a conjugate acid of an isonicotinate. 

Basic information 

Product Name: Isonicotinic acid
Synonyms: 4-PYRIDINECARBOXYLIC ACID FOR SYNTHESIS;Isonicotinic aci;66 kDa neurofilament protein;ANTI-INA (ALPHA INTERNEXIN) (CENTER) antibody produced in rabbit;NEF5;Neurofilament 5;Pyridine-4-carboxylic acid, 4-Carboxypyridine;Isonicotinic acid, CP,98%
CAS: 55-22-1
MW: 123.11
EINECS: 200-228-2
Product Categories: Nitrogen cyclic compounds; API’s; Chemical Synthesis; Pyridine; API intermediates
Chemical Structure

Isonicotinic acid            

Chemical Properties


Melting point  ≥300 °C (lit.)
Boiling point  260 °C (15 mmHg)
density  1,47g/cm
refractive index  1.5423 (estimate)
Fp  260°C/15mm
storage temp.  no restrictions.
solubility  6g/l
pka 4.96(at 25℃)
form  powder
color  yellow to tan
PH 3-4 (6g/l, H2O, 20℃)(saturated solution)
Water Solubility  5.2 g/L (20 ºC)
Merck  14,5187
BRN  109599
Usage And Synthesis   

Chemical Properties white to light yellow crystal powder
Uses Isonicotinic acid is a metabolite of isoniazid. It is an isomer of nicotinic acid. The chronic toxicity of isonicotinic acid is slightly higher than that of isonicotinic acid hydrazide ( INH ) .
Isonicotinic acid considered to be inactive isomer of nicotinic acid. Isonicotinic acid is a metabolite of pyridine-4-carboxy hydrazide (isonicotinyl hydrazide; isoniazid) a front-line weapon in the battle against tuberculosis. Isonicotinic acid and its derivatives are used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals.
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