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Propyl Gallate

  • Product Name:Propyl Gallate
    Appearance:White crystalline powder
    Specifications:99% min
    CAS No:121-79-9
    Molecular Formula:C10H12O5


What is Propyl Gallate? 

Propyl gallate, or propyl 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoate is an ester shaped by the buildup of gallic corrosive and propanol. Beginning around 1948, this cell reinforcement has been added to food sources containing oils and fats to forestall oxidation. As a food added substance, n propyl gallate is utilized under the E number E310.

Basic information 
Product Name Propyl Gallate
Appearance White crystalline powder
Specifications 99%
Test Method HPLC
CAS No 121-79-9
Molecular Formula C10H12O5
Grade Food Grade
COA/MSDS/TDS Available
Sample Freely Offered
MOQ Any order quantity is welcome
Storage Store in cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.
Packing 1kg/Foil bag, 25kgs/Drum (Two plastic-bags inside with Paper-drums), Or as per customer’s requirements.)
Shelf Life 2 years under well storage situation.


Propyl Gallate Usage And Synthesis

Propyl Gallate is a cell reinforcement additive utilized in a wide assortment of beauty care products and excellence care items, including lipsticks, shower items, skin purifying items, creams, healthy skin items, cosmetics items, self-tanning items, and sunscreen and suntan items. It is an “ester shaped by the buildup of gallic corrosive and propanol,” as per Wikipedia, and is added to food and skin health management items containing oils and fats to forestall oxidation. In the event that oxidation happens, it can bring about rancidity, variety changes, consistency changes and crumbling of dynamic fixings in equations, discrediting their viability.

Propyl Gallate is on the FDA’s rundown of fixings that are By and large Perceived As Protected (GRAS) for use, yet it is restricted to a greatest centralization of 0.02% of the fat or oil content of the food. The CIR has supported Propyl Gallate as a protected fixing in beauty care products and individual consideration items at focuses not exactly or equivalent to 0.1%.

It has been tracked down that n propyl gallate, when remembered for oral items, “showed preventive impacts, remembering a decrease for malignant growth, birth imperfections and cavities of the teeth.

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