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Amino acid for weight loss

Amino acids are essential nutrients for the human body. It is the basic material for the synthesis of various proteins in the human body. It is also called as the first element of life. Someone said that amino acids can help lose weight, do you believe it? Amino acid functional beverages have been popular on the market, and it is circulated on the Internet that drinking this beverage can replenish amino acids in the human body, promote fat decomposition, and achieve the effect of weight loss. Can this drink really help you lose weight?Amino acid for weight loss-Maxmedchem

There is a theoretical basis for supplementing amino acids to promote lipolysis

Amino acids are the basic materials that constitute proteins. The proteins in the human body play a variety of physiological functions, like determine human characteristics, different hormones and enzymes of various physiological functions. And the human hair, skin and muscles are all made of protein. It can be said that amino acids are the basic materials that constitute humans. There are various types of amino acids with different structures and functions. The human body can also synthesize some amino acids on its own. However, there are 8 important amino acids that the human body cannot synthesize by itself. They must be obtained through food intake, which are called essential amino acids. When people take inappropriate measures to lose weight, such as less dieting, or a picky, partial eclipse, the intake of amino acids will be biased, which can easily lead to insufficient intake of essential amino acids and then will affect human health.

Chronic amino acid deficiency can easily lead to various symptoms such as incomplete muscle development, decreased fat metabolism rate, and increased blood cholesterol. If people supplement amino acids in a balanced and comprehensive manner in this state, they can synthesize more essential amino acids that they lack before. The hormones or enzymes could promote the basal metabolic rate and promote the breakdown of fats. This is why amino acids are “phased” by people who lose weight. Among the amino acids, the four amino acids “Arginine”, “Lysine”, “Proline” and “Phenylalanine” can help the “lipase” that burns body fat to work, thereby improving the efficiency of weight loss. , This is the scientific basis for “adding amino acids to lose weight”.

Only supplementing amino acids can not lose weight, it must be combined with reasonable exercise

However, if weight loss really only needs to be done simply by supplementing amino acids, there will not be so many fat people in the world. From scientific theories, adequate intake of amino acids can help lipase to work and improve the efficiency of fat decomposition. However, if there is no fat burning behavior, lipase will not work. The goal of weight loss will not be reached. While supplementing amino acids, we must cooperate with reasonable exercise, especially aerobic exercise. Replenishing amino acids 30 minutes before exercise every day, and then at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, can effectively promote fat burning.

It is also worth mentioning that the content of amino acids in amino acid beverages on the market is actually unknown, but the content of added sugars can be easily grasped. If you blindly believe in the function of amino acids and drink a lot of similar beverages, it may be due to Drink too much sugar to fatten up. A correct view of amino acids, a balanced diet, and increased exercise are the correct ways to lose weight.

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