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  • Chemical material market trend analysis

    As a sub-industry of the new materials industry, the current global chemical new materials industry has formed a three-level echelon competition pattern, and each country has its own advantages in the development of industries.

  • Daidzein and isoflavones benefits

    Compared with flavonoids, daidzein-type soy isoflavones are shed due to the sugar in the outer layer, so it is absorbed by the stomach and small intestine without passing through bacteria in the large intestine.

  • Tetrahydrocurcumin vs curcumin

    Tetrahydrocurcumin has fewer unsaturated C=C double bonds than curcumin in structure, so it lacks the conjugated double bonds required by the chromophore. Therefore, in terms of appearance and color, tetrahydrocurcumin changes from curcumin’s yellow color. Into a white powder.

  • The importance of various vitamins

    Generally Speaking, Vitamins are life-sustaining substances. They are a type of organic substances necessary to maintain human life and are also important active substances to maintain human health.

  • Multi-vitamin mineral tablets' effects

    With regard to vitamins and minerals, more and more people are now taking multivitamin and mineral tablets (multi-dimensional tablets) to supplement them, hoping to use multi-vitamin tablets to nourish the body and keep the body healthy.

  • Amino acid for weight loss

    Amino acids are essential nutrients for the human body. It is the basic material for the synthesis of various proteins in the human body. It is also called as the first element of life.

  • Why amino acids are important?

    A-keto acid produced by the catabolism of amino acids is metabolized along the metabolic pathway of sugar or fat with different characteristics.

  • Anti-migraine have 6 categories

    6 Categories of Drugs for Anti-migraineMigraine is a common clinical chronic neurovascular disease characterized by recurrent, pulsating, severe headache on one or both sides. It lasts 4 to 72 hours. Before the attack, there are often auras such as blurred vision, flashing light, hemianopia, hemilat

  • Tips of Treating Vitiligo in Summer Holidays

    The annual summer vacation is coming soon, and many graduates are busy with graduation souvenirs, sending their best wishes and so on. The summer vacation of more than two months is a time of relaxation and entertainment. However, around us, there is such a special group of children, who suffer from

  • How much do you know about Antipyretic analgesics drugs?

    Antipyretic-analgesics drugs are a class of drugs with antipyretic, analgesic and most also having anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic effect. It exerts its antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect primarily by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandin in the central nervous system and p

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