Benzopyran vs Benzopyrone
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Benzopyran vs Benzopyrone

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Benzopyran is a polycyclic organic compound composed of fused benzene ring and heterocyclic pyran ring.Under current IUPAC nomenclature, the name chromene used in previous recommendations is retained; however, the systematic "benzo" names, such as 2H-1-benzopyran, are chromene, isochromene, chromane, isochrome Preferred IUPAC name for alkanes and their chalcogen analogs.There are two isomers of benzopyran, which differ by the direction of fusion of the two rings with the oxygen, resulting in 1-benzopyran (benzopyran) and 2-benzopyran (iso Benzopyran) - the number indicates the position of the standard oxygen atom similar to the nomenclature of naphthalene.

Benzopyran powder

Some benzopyrans have shown anticancer activity in vitro. The free radical form of benzopyran is paramagnetic.The unpaired electrons are delocalized across the benzopyran molecule, making it less reactive than expected.A similar example is cyclopentadienyl.Typically, benzopyran occurs in a reduced state, where it is partially saturated with a hydrogen atom, introducing a tetrahedral CH2 group in the pyran ring. Therefore, due to the multiple possible positions of the oxygen atom and the tetrahedral carbon atom, there are many structural isomers:


Benzopyranone can refer to either of the two ketone derivatives of benzopyran that form the core skeleton of many flavonoid compounds:

  • Chromone (1-benzopyran-4-one)

  • Coumarin (1-benzopyran-2-one)

Certain simple benzopyrones have clinical value as modulators of edema.Coumarin and other benzopyrone such as 5,6-benzopyrone, 1,2-benzopyrone, diosmin are known to stimulate macrophages to degrade extracellular albumin, thereby accelerating edema fluid reabsorption.Naturally occurring coumarins are also the basis for various 4-hydroxybenzopyrone-based molecules that naturally occur as dicoumarins and are synthesized as warfarin and used as anticoagulants.