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Coenzyme q10 bienfaits

Coenzyme q10 bienfaits is one of the nutrients necessary for the body to function properly. As an antioxidant, it is included in the of many Cosmetic ingredients products, and the manufacturers of these products claim to have protective properties that prevent premature aging of cells. Far from the so-called miracle effects, at Maxmedchem we offer you enlightenment on this topic.




What is Coenzyme q10

Coenzyme q10 or CoQ10, also known as ubiquinone or ubiquinol, such as (Vitamin K) , is a fat-soluble vitamin-like substance present in every cell of the human body. A coenzyme is a substance that enhances or is necessary for the action of enzymes. They are generally much smaller than enzymes themselves.


Coenzyme q10 in foods rich

Coenzyme q10 occurs naturally in the body. It is also found in everyday foods. However, its bioavailability is highly variable, and the foods most rich in it are meat (pork, beef), fish (sardines), plants (tobacco, sugar beets, and sugar cane).


When to take coq10 morning or night

When to take coq10 morning or night Soft gels tend to be better absorbed than capsules or other preparations. Higher doses may be recommended for specific conditions. Coenzyme q10 is fat soluble, so it should be taken with a meal containing fat so your body can absorb it. Also, taking CoQ10 at night may help with the body’s ability to use it.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for male

A meta-analysis found that supplementing with coenzyme q10 improved sperm parameters, including sperm count, concentration, and motility. CoQ10 antioxidant effects also improve oxidative stress markers and decrease sperm DNA fragmentation, two contributing factors of male infertility.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for men

Coenzyme q10 bienfait men health through improved heart health, reducing depression symptoms in some, decreasing muscle pain and increasing performance, improved fertility, and decreasing damaged or aging skin. CoQ10 dosages are typically 100 to 200 mg/day and supplements come in pill or gummy form.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for women

Coenzyme q10 is a natural compound with antioxidant properties that may help to support cellular energy production. Potential benefits for women include improved heart health, fertility enhancement, promoting healthy skin, ageing, and migraine relief. Available in various forms, including capsules, tablets, and liquid syrups.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for heart

Clinical research indicates that introducing Coenzyme q10 prior to heart surgery, including bypass surgery and heart transplantation, can reduce damage caused by free radicals, strengthen heart function, and lower the incidence of irregular heart beat (arrhythmias) during the recovery phase.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for fertility

Taking coenzyme q10 supplements can increase blood and tissue CoQ10 levels. CoQ10 supplementation has been shown to improve egg quality, sperm quality, and pregnancy rates. Sperm and eggs both take about 90 days to develop.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for gum health

The antioxidant properties of coenzyme q10 make it a preferred ingredient in oral health products. In fact, many believe it is a stimulator of cells’ regenerative abilities. According to some manufacturers, it can even fight gum inflammation and protect your gums from infection.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for cholesterol

Coenzyme q10 supplementation may reduce muscle pain associated with treatment of hypercholesterolemia. This is the result of several studies on the use of statins and their adverse side effects. Pain reduction, the effect is close to 40%.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for hair

We conclude that coenzyme q10 is an ideal ingredient for hair care formulations, providing anti-aging properties through activation of specific keratins aligned with the needs of mature hair.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for skin

Coenzyme q10 is an essential natural antioxidant that plays an important role in achieving youthful-looking skin by supporting Collagen and Elastin production. Its benefits include providing anti-aging protection, helping to reduce wrinkles and enhancing hydration.


Coenzyme q10 bienfaits for supplements

Coenzyme q10 preliminary clinical studies also suggest that coenzyme q10 powder may:

  • Improve immune function in people with HIV or AIDS.
  • Increase sperm motility, improving male fertility.
  • Be used as part of the treatment for Parkinson disease.
  • Improve exercise ability in people with angina.
  • Help prevent migraines.


Coenzyme q10 supplement: dosage and contraindications

Certain categories of people are prohibited from taking Coenzyme q10 in principle. Although an exhaustive list is not available, these groups mainly involve: people taking anticoagulants, people with type 2 diabetes, and even pregnant and/or breastfeeding women.

In general, it is highly recommended to refer to the product instructions for use. Current regulations require that the prescription be stated on the label and/or packaging of food supplements sold.

Finally, like any nutrient, taking too much CoQ10 can cause more or less severe discomfort (nausea, diarrhea, migraines, etc.). If doubts arise or problems arise after use, you should consult an expert as soon as possible.

Where to by coenzyme q10

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