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L Cysteine Hydrochloride

  • Product Name:L-Cysteine hydrochloride 
    Appearance:White Powder

What is L Cysteine Hydrochloride? 

L-cysteine hydrochloride is a hydrochloride gotten by joining L-cysteine with one molar likeness hydrogen chloride. It plays a part as an EC (histidine smelling salts lyase) inhibitor, a flour treatment specialist and a human metabolite. It contains a L-cysteinium.

Basic information 
Specific rotation+ 5.5  - + 7.0+ 5.7  - + 6.85.5- + 7.0
Dissolving condition>=98.0%--->=98.0%
Chlorinity19.89-20.29%---19.8 – 20.8%
Ammonium salt (NH4)≤ 0.02%------
Sulfate (SO4) acuities0.020%0.03%<= 0.02%
Fe≤ 10PPm≤ 30PPm≤ 10PPm
Heavy metal (Pb)

≤ 10PPm

≤ 15PPm≤ 10PPm
Arsenic salt (As2O3)≤ 1PPm---≤ 1PPm
Other amino acids------≤ 0.5%
Loss on drying8.5 - 12.0%8.5 - 12.0%8.5 - 12.0%
Ignition residue (sulfated) acuities≤ 0.10%≤ 0.4%≤ 0.1%
Content99.0-100.5%98.5-101.5%≥ 98.5%
L Cysteine Hydrochloride Usage And Synthesis

A type of l cysteine hydrochloride called l-cysteine hydrochloride might assist with treating joint inflammation and solidifying of the courses. It might assist with treating specific lung sicknesses. These incorporate bronchitis, emphysema, and tuberculosis.

Cysteine hydrochloride might assume a part in the typical development pace of hair. L cysteine hydrochloride may likewise assist with diminishing the impacts of maturing on the skin. It might help recuperating after a medical procedure or consumes and safeguard the skin from radiation injury.

L cysteine hydrochloride might assist with consuming fat and increment bulk.

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