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Melatonin can whiten the skin

Melatonin is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland of the brain, which can brighten a cell that produces melanin, so it is called melatonin. It has nothing to do with reducing melanin in the body and whitening skin, and it cannot whiten.

Melatonin is an endogenous hormone that is secreted by the pineal gland in the mammalian brain and acts through the regulation of the endocrine system. Studies have shown that melatonin can regulate the body’s biological clock. When a person feels that the ambient light drops, the pineal gland begins to secrete a small amount of melatonin, telling the body that it needs to enter a state of rest and sleep, and the body begins to feel sleepy. According to the latest research results, melatonin can improve sleep, delay aging, and fight tumors.Melatonin supplement price - Maxmedchem

Melatonin can not be used directly for whitening, because melatonin has little effect on the melanin of our skin, but it can effectively improve sleep and make up for the decline of our skin’s ability to lock water due to sleeplessness.

If you want to make your skin white, you need to pay attention to the following

1. Pay attention to sun protection: take protective measures when going out, such as wearing a hat, holding an umbrella, wearing sunglasses or applying sunscreen preparations, etc.;

2. Pay attention to diet: Food has a greater impact on the skin. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which are good for skin whitening, such as tomatoes, strawberries, kiwi, etc.;

3. Pay attention to rest: Insufficient sleep not only affects your health, but also slows down the blood flow of the skin, constricts blood vessels, blood stasis, and turns the skin gray-black. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to proper rest and adequate sleep.

What’s the functions of melatonin?

1. Long-term insomnia for middle-aged and elderly people over 40 years old. For people with long-term insomnia, this taste is really uncomfortable, so you can choose to take melatonin to improve their sleep quality at this time.

2. People with poor sleep quality, such as easy awakening and many dreams. Many people will naturally wake up after sleeping for a while. Sometimes they will also suffer from insomnia, and they will also dream at intervals. The quality of sleep is very poor. This is the case. Take melatonin to improve the quality of insomnia.

3. People who travel frequently and have jet lag often confuse their time difference due to work needs. Frequent business trips will seriously affect the treatment of sleep at this time. After taking melatonin tablets, you can adjust and restore the day and night rules. Improve sleep quality.

4. People with memory decline or low immunity Melatonin tablets can effectively improve human immunity, prevent depression, Alzheimer’s syndrome, and cataracts, and also have obvious effects on the treatment of glaucoma.

5. People suffering from various tumors and cancers Melatonin tablets can increase the body’s immunity and help fight cancer, and enhance physical fitness.

As we could all see that melatonin Powder has play an important role in our sleeping. It could effectively improve our sleep quality to ensure that we’ll have full energy to do what we need to do. Maxmedchem is in the business of further research and development of this products in order to expand the applications of melatonin.

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