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Pure Melatonin

Chemical Name: pure melatonin
CAS No.:73-31-4
MF: C13H16N2O2
MW: 232.28
Purity:>98% or As customer requested
Color: white to off-white
Solubility:Soluble in ethanol to at least 50mg/ml
Product Categories:Herb extract;Other APIs;Melatonex;inhibitor;Cosmetics;cosmetics materials
Test method: TLC


What is Pure Melatonin?

Pure melatonin is a compound your cerebrum makes when it gets dim outside. It’s known as the rest chemical since it lets you know when to nod off and wake.

You can likewise purchase pure melatonin liquid supplements in pretty much any supermarket or drug store. Concentrates on show the enhancements are protected and have less secondary effects than numerous solution resting pills.

Chemical Structure

Melatonine             Melatonin

Chemical Properties       

Melting point  116.5-118 °C (lit.)
Boiling point  374.44°C (rough estimate)
density  1.1099 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.6450 (estimate)
Fp  9℃
storage temp.  -20°C
solubility  Soluble in ethanol to at least 50mg/ml
pka 16.26±0.46(Predicted)
form  Powder
color  white to off-white
Merck  14,5816
BRN  205542
Pure Melatonin Benefits

Melatonin for rest problems

Rest issues are conditions that influence how much or how well you rest. For instance, sleep deprivation (inconvenience nodding off or staying unconscious) is one of the most widely recognized rest problems.

Melatonin for stream slack

Stream slack happens when your body’s inward clock is lost by traversing time regions. It takes your body a couple of days to normally change, however meanwhile, you might feel languid, have cerebral pains, and battle to nod off or remain conscious when you need to.

Melatonin for nervousness and occasional wretchedness

Some examination shows that taking pure melatonin might help assuming you have occasional sadness or tension side effects in specific circumstances.

Different advantages of taking melatonin

A significant part of the examination on pure melatonin’s belongings past being a tranquilizer has been restricted to test cylinders, creatures, and little gatherings. With regards to logical examination, these investigations aren’t viewed as the most grounded sort of proof.

Some cell studies have shown expected anticancer advantages of pure melatonin liquid, for example, cancer prevention agent and calming impacts, which might assist with safeguarding cells’ hereditary material from harm. (This matters in light of the fact that hereditary harm and changes can in some cases lead to malignant growth (Talib, 2021)). Notwithstanding, it’s essential to remember that greater investigations with additional individuals are important to affirm these likely advantages.

The Uses of Pure Melatonin:

1. Pure melatonin can be used as medicine health care products, so as to enhance people’s immune function, preventing aging and back to youth. What’s more, it is also a kind of natural “sleeping pill”.
2. Pure melatonin liquid is a kind of hormone secreted by pineal body of pituitary gland in the body. The amount of pure melatonin has something to do with light. The weaker the light is, the more the pure melatonin liquid is, whereas the less. In addition, it is helpful to one’s sleep.
3. Biochemical research.

Technical Support & Resources           

Information provided in the product description is from published literature. Due to the nature of scientific experimentation, your results or specific application for this product may differ. If you have questions about how this product fits your application, please contact our technical support staff.

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