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Vitamin B1

  • Chemical Name:Thiamine 
  • CAS No.:59-43-8
  • MF:C12H17ClN4OS
  • MW:300.81
  • Purity:≥99% or according to customer requested
  • Product Categories:Nutritional Supplements;Vitamins and Derivatives;Vitamin Ingredients
  • Test method: HPLC


What is Vitamin B1?

Vitamin B1, the preferred name for vitamin B1, is a heat-labile and water-soluble essential vitamin, belonging to the vitamin B family, with antioxidant, erythropoietic, mood modulating, and glucose-regulating activities. Thiamine reacts with adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to form an active coenzyme, thiamine pyrophosphate. 

Vitamin B1 is necessary for the actions of pyruvate dehydrogenase and alpha-ketoglutarate in carbohydrate metabolism and for the actions of transketolase, an enzyme that plays an important role in the pentose phosphate pathway. Thiamine plays a key role in intracellular glucose metabolism and may inhibit the action of glucose and insulin on arterial smooth muscle cell proliferation. Vitamin B1 may also protect against lead toxicity by inhibiting lead-induced lipid peroxidation. 

Basic information  

Product Name: Thiamine chloride
Synonyms: THIAMIME MONOCHLORIDE; VITAMIN B1(THIAMINE)(SH); Metatone; Thiaminum; Thiamine
CAS: 59-43-8
MF: C12H17ClN4OS
MW: 300.81
EINECS: 200-425-3
Product Categories: Nutritional Supplements; Vitamins and Derivatives; Vitamin Ingredients
Chemical Structure


Chemical Properties    

Melting point 248 °C (decomp)
density 1.3175 (rough estimate)
refractive index 1.5630 (estimate)
storage temp. Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature
Thiamine chloride Uses And Synthesis

Thiamine, the preferred name for vitamin B1, holds a prominent place in the history of vitamin discovery because beriberi, the disease resulting from insufficient thiamine intake, was one of the earliest recognized deficiency diseases.

Thiamine chloride Clinical Use

Thiamine chloride, as the base or as the hydrochloride salt, is indicatedin the treatment or prophylaxis of known or suspected thiaminedeficiencies. Severe thiamine deficiency is calledberiberi, which is very rare in developed countries. 

Technical Support & Resources

Information provided in the product description is from published literature. Due to the nature of scientific experimentation, your results (e.g., selectivity and effective concentrations) or specific application for this product may differ. If you have questions about how this product fits your application, please contact our technical support staff.

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