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Alpha GPC 99 powder

  • Chemical Name: Glycerol phosphatidylcholine
  • CAS No.:28319-77-9
  • MF:C8H20NO6P
  • MW:257.22
  • Purity:≥50% or ≥98%
  • Product Categories: GPC;Smart drug;pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Test method: HPLC

What is Alpha GPC 99 powder?

A choline-containing compound also known as alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine and choline alfoscerate can be found naturally in the brain and in trace amounts in foods like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Additionally, alpha gpc 99 powder is a natural phospholipid.

Evidence and research indicate that alpha gpc 99 is one of the most effective sources of choline, a fat-soluble B vitamin. This suggests that alpha gpc raw may effectively boost choline concentrations.

Basic information 
Product Name: Choline glycerophosphate
Synonyms: L-α-Glycerophosphorylcholine; GLYCERYLPHOSPHO CHOLINE; Choline alfoscerate; L-alpha-GPC; L-alpha-Lecithin; Glycerol phosphatidylcholine; 
CAS: 28319-77-9
MW: 257.22
EINECS: 248-962-2
Product Categories: GPC; pharmaceutical ingredients; Nervous System Drugs
Chemical Structure

Choline glycerophosphate            

Chemical Properties  
Melting point  142.5-143°
alpha  D25 -2.7° (c = 2.7 in water, pH 2.5); D25 -2.8° (c = 2.6 in water, pH 5.8)
Fp  11 °C
storage temp.  -20°C
form  solid
Alpha GPC 99 powder Usage And Synthesis

1. Increases growth hormone potential:

One of the body's most important anabolic hormones is human growth hormone (HGH). In this manner expanding circling levels would significantly affect our reaction to opposition preparing, whether it's for strength or strong perseverance.


As mentioned earlier, there is already scientific evidence that taking alpha gpc 99 powder enhances physical performance. There's more, though.

3. ALPHA-GPC Further develops STRENGTH LEVELS:

In addition to power and force development, alpha gpc 99 was found to increase strength (see the distinctions between training for strength and hypertrophy here).

4. Possibility of fat loss and enhancement of body composition:

We are aware of no studies that examine the effect of alpha gpc 99 powder on body composition or weight loss. But it makes sense that you should get better.

5. Increases alertness, reaction time, and energy:

Supplementation may also have the potential to improve these variables due to the role that acetylcholine plays in increasing focus and alertness. Using a dosing protocol of 6 mg per kilogram of body weight and 27 participants, a university thesis examined reaction time, mood, power, and fatigue6.


It has been demonstrated that alpha gpc 99 provides cognitive support for a variety of tasks. This includes processes like memory, ability to learn, and thinking skills7.

7. Reduces symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, vascular dementia, and amnesia:

We can suffer from a variety of cognitive impairments throughout our lives. When cognitive processes don't work right, life can be hard, whether from an injury or just getting older.

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