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Alpha GPC Bulk Powder

  • Chemical Name: Glycerol phosphatidylcholine
  • CAS No.:28319-77-9
  • MF:C8H20NO6P
  • MW:257.22
  • Purity:≥50% or ≥98%
  • Product Categories: GPC;Smart drug;pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Test method: HPLC


What is Alpha GPC Bulk Powder?

A phospholipid with choline in it is called alpha gpc bulk powder (alpha-glycerophosphocholine) or choline alphoscerate. Alpha gpc raw is broken down into choline and glycerol-1-phosphate when consumed.

 Acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in memory, attention, and the contraction of skeletal muscles, is a precursor of choline. Glycerol-1-phosphate is used to support the membranes of cells. Alpha gpc powder bulk appears to be absorbed quickly and easily across the blood-brain barrier.

Basic information 

Product Name: Choline glycerophosphate
Synonyms: L-α-Glycerophosphorylcholine; GLYCERYLPHOSPHO CHOLINE; Choline alfoscerate; L-alpha-GPC; L-alpha-Lecithin; Glycerol phosphatidylcholine; 
CAS: 28319-77-9
MW: 257.22
EINECS: 248-962-2
Product Categories: GPC; pharmaceutical ingredients; Nervous System Drugs
Chemical Structure

Choline glycerophosphate            

Chemical Properties  

Melting point  142.5-143°
alpha  D25 -2.7° (c = 2.7 in water, pH 2.5); D25 -2.8° (c = 2.6 in water, pH 5.8)
Fp  11 °C
storage temp.  -20°C
form  solid
Alpha GPC Bulk Powder Usage And Synthesis

Alzheimer’s illness. After three to six months of treatment, new research suggests that Alzheimer’s patients significantly improve their thinking abilities by taking 1200 mg of alpha gpc bulk powder daily.

Dementia. The behavior, mood, and thinking skills of people with vascular (multi-infarct) dementia may be improved by administering 1,000 mg of alpha gpc raw daily as a shot. This study’s researchers used Delecit, a prescription-only form of alpha-GPC that is not available in the United States.

stroke and “mini-stroke” (also known as a TIA). Patients with stroke and TIA who receive alpha-GPC within ten days appear to recover more quickly. Early research suggests that people recover more thinking skills and are better able to function after receiving 400 mg of alpha gpc powder bulk three times daily (1200 mg/day) for six months and receiving a shot of 1200 mg per day for 28 days.

enhancing memory

Thinking abilities


Other circumstances.

Technical Support & Resources

Information provided in the product description is from published literature. Due to the nature of scientific experimentation, your results or specific application for this product may differ. If you have questions about how this product fits your application, please contact our technical support staff.

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