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Beta Alanine Powder

  • Product name:Beta Alanine
  • Function:Anti-aging
  • Type:Beta Alanine
  • Dosage Form:Powder
  • Assay:HPLC 99%
  • Package:1KG/Foil Bag 25kg/Drum
  • Storage:Cool Dry Place

  • Product Categories: APIs; Amino acid; alpha-Amino Acids; Amino Acids;Biochemical Engineering
    Test method: HPLC

What is Beta Alanine Powder?

Beta alanine powder is a non-essential amino acid. Most amino acids are building blocks of proteins, but beta-alanine is used to make other chemicals in the body.

Beta alanine powder is an amino acid that converts protein into lean muscle. In addition, best beta alanine powder may help reduce lactic acid build up in the muscles and help with recovery after strenuous workouts. It may also help support the nervous system and brain.

Because beta alanine bulk powders can be made by the body, it doesn't need to be consumed in food. It is a part of carnosine and other chemicals that can affect muscle size and performance.

Basic information
Product Name: L-Alanine
Synonyms: (S)-2-Aminopropanoic acid; (s)-2-aminopropanoicacid; Aspartic Acid Impurity 6; 2-Aminopropanoic acid; 2-Aminopropanoicacid; 
CAS: 56-41-7
MW: 89.09
EINECS: 200-273-8
Product Categories: Amino Acids; food additive; food flavor; Biochemical Engineering; APIs
Chemical Structure


Chemical Properties   
Product Name
Beta Alanine
White Crystalline Powder
Food Grade
Test methold
In stock
Shelf life
2 years
Storage conditions
Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.

Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties A white, odorless powder having a sweet taste
Chemical Properties White crystalline powder
Occurrence Natural constituent of protein in plants and animals; found in apple, beef, carob, pea, soybean, wine and zucchini

Beta Alanine Powder Benefits:            

Athletic performance. Taking beta alanine powder by mouth can somewhat improve some measures of athletic performance. But not all research agrees. It might increase the amount of exercise done but not how well it is done.

Physical performance in elderly adults. Taking beta alanine bulk powders by mouth improves the ability to exercise and delays muscle tiredness in older adults. But it doesn't seem to help with strength training.

Technical Support & Resources

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