Bulk Melatonin Powder

Chemical Name: Pure Melatonin Powder
CAS No.:73-31-4
MF: C13H16N2O2
MW: 232.28
Purity:>98% or As customer requested
Color: white to off-white
Solubility:Soluble in ethanol to at least 50mg/ml
Product Categories:Herb extract;Other APIs;Melatonex;inhibitor;Cosmetics;cosmetics materials
Test method: TLC



What is Bulk Melatonin Powder?

Bulk melatonin powder referred to synthetically as N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine is a normally happening chemical that is tracked down in numerous creatures, plants and microorganisms. Melatonin powder bulk is sorted by the FDA as a dietary enhancement and isn’t managed as a drug. 

There have been a few investigations done on bulk melatonin powder as an expected therapy of gastro-esophageal reflux illness, malignant growth, safe problems, cardiovascular infection, sorrow, occasional emotional issue, rest problems, sexual brokenness and sleep deprivation. Results have shown that drawn out arrival of melatonin bulk powder creates great outcomes in treating sleep deprivation in the old.

Chemical Structure

Melatonine             Melatonin

Chemical Properties       

Melting point  116.5-118 °C (lit.)
Boiling point  374.44°C (rough estimate)
density  1.1099 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.6450 (estimate)
Fp  9℃
storage temp.  -20°C
solubility  Soluble in ethanol to at least 50mg/ml
pka 16.26±0.46(Predicted)
form  Powder
color  white to off-white
Merck  14,5816
BRN  205542
Bulk Melatonin Powder Benefits


Scientists have tried bulk melatonin powder on individuals with sleep deprivation, stream slack, shift laborers, military faculty, senior residents, and children.3 Most examinations have zeroed in on transient use, going between a couple of days to a little more than 90 days.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration

A few little examinations have recommended that melatonin powder bulk might be useful in treating specific eye illnesses brought about by irritation and maturing.

Chemical imbalance

Many individuals with chemical imbalance don’t make sufficient bulk melatonin powder and have rest issues.

Fly Lag

Fly slack happens when you traverse time regions. For essentially a couple of days in the wake of voyaging, your body’s inner clock is as yet set to where you came from, not where you have shown up.


Tinnitus is a condition where you hear ringing in the ears, even without an outer sound of ringing. Melatonin bulk powder has been inspected as a potential treatment to bring some help.

The Uses of Bulk Melatonin Powder:

1. Bulk melatonin powder can be used as medicine health care products, so as to enhance people’s immune function, preventing aging and back to youth. What’s more, it is also a kind of natural “sleeping pill”.
2. Melatonin bulk powder is a kind of hormone secreted by pineal body of pituitary gland in the body. The amount of melatonin has something to do with light. The weaker the light is, the more the melatonin powder bulk is, whereas the less. In addition, it is helpful to one’s sleep.
3. Biochemical research.

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