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Glutamic Acid Powder

  • Chemical Name: L-Glutamic acid
  • CAS No.:56-86-0
  • MF: C5H9NO4
  • MW: 147.13
  • Purity: >98% or As customer requested
  • Color: White
  • Chemical Properties: Off-White to Pale Yellow Solid
  • Water Solubility: 7.5 g/L (20 ºC)
  • Product Categories: Fine chemicals; amino acid; chemicals; pharmaceutical intermediate; APIs
  • Test method: HPLC


What is Glutamic Acid Powder?

Glutamic acid powder is an amino ACID used to frame proteins. In the body it transforms into glutamate. This is a synthetic that helps nerve cells in the cerebrum send and get data from different cells. Glutamic acid could be engaged with learning and memory. L glutamine glutamic acid might assist individuals with hypochlorhydria (low stomach corrosive) or achlorhydria (no stomach corrosive).

Basic information   

Product Name: L-Glutamic acid

l glutamate; glutaton; l glutaminic acid; glutamic acid; glutacid

CAS: 56-86-0
MW: 147.13
EINECS: 200-293-7
Product Categories: Fine chemicals; amino acid; chemicals; pharmaceutical intermediate; APIs; Food & Feed ADDITIVES; Amino acids series
Chemical Structure

L-Glutamic acid            

Chemical Properties    

Melting point  205 °C (dec.) (lit.)
alpha  32 º (c=10,2N HCl)
Boiling point  267.21°C (rough estimate)
density  1.54 g/cm3 at 20 °C
refractive index  1.4300 (estimate)
storage temp.  2-8°C
solubility  1 M HCl: 100 mg/mL
form  powder
pka 2.13(at 25℃)
color  White
PH 3.0-3.5 (8.6g/l, H2O, 25℃)
optical activity [α]20/D +32°, c = 10 in 2 M HCl
Water Solubility  7.5 g/L (20 ºC)
λmax λ: 260 nm Amax: 0.1
λ: 280 nm Amax: 0.1
JECFA Number 1420
Merck  14,4469
BRN  1723801
Glutamic Acid Powder Usage And Synthesis      

1. Further develop Memory and Focus

L glutamine glutamic acid fills in as a fuel for the cerebrum. As you can envision, it has various advantages on your cerebrum. Other than being fuel for the cerebrum, this amino corrosive assists with invigorating concentration and further develop memory. As it’s a synthetic courier in the mind, helping increment mental clearness and mood is thought. To this end the amino corrosive is utilized to assist with dealing with conditions like Parkinson’s, schizophrenia, misery, and tension.

2. Support the Immune System

Your body utilizes glutamic acid powder to deliver glutathione. Glutathione is a strong cell reinforcement tracked down in the body’s cells and supports the resistant framework. The invulnerable framework needs a fragile equilibrium of glutathione to ideally work. Glutathione is especially significant for battling free revolutionaries, safeguarding cells, and supporting the invulnerable framework.

3. Support Prostate Health

L glutamine glutamic acid assumes a vital part in a wide range of region of the body, including the prostate. The amino corrosive is fundamental for appropriate working in the prostate. As men age, it’s normal for the prostate organs to begin to increment in size. The clinical name for this condition is prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). About portion of all men ages 51 to 60 have BPH and up to 90% of men beyond 80 years old have it. Specialists frequently suggest glutamic corrosive enhancements for prostate wellbeing to lessen side effects of BPH.

4. Detox the Body

Glutamic acid powder is one of a handful of the supplements that can pass the blood-cerebrum hindrance. The amino corrosive is known for its capacity to detoxify cells. Specifically, its impact on alkali. During serious activity, levels of smelling salts in the muscle cells increment. This can dial back muscle recuperation. The amino corrosive bonds to nitrogen and transforms into glutamine. This cycle disposes of the harmful material and detoxifies alkali from the body.

5. Work on Athletic Performance

With regards to athletic execution, glutamine is a famous enhancement used to increment strength, accelerate recuperation, and forestall overtraining. As glutamic acid powder is a forerunner to glutamine, it helps support a functioning way of life and work on athletic execution. By and large, competitors who take glutamine supplements do as such to forestall muscle breakdown. Anything that assists with recuperation will help your exhibition and may lessen your gamble of injury.

6. Benefit Digestive Health

Glutamic acid powder might help your stomach related wellbeing in various ways. Concentrates on show that l glutamine glutamic acid backings a solid stomach related framework by empowering supplement ingestion and keeping a sound stomach lining. It additionally seems to improve the centralization of serotonin in the digestive tract. Serotonin is a pivotal synapse that is fundamental for your rest, craving, and feeling quiet.

Technical Support & Resources      

Information provided in the product description is from published literature. Due to the nature of scientific experimentation, your results (e.g., selectivity and effective concentrations) or specific application for this product may differ. If you have questions about how this product fits your application, please contact our technical support staff.

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