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L Serine Powder

  • Chemical Name: L-Serine
  • CAS No.:56-45-1
  • MF:C3H7NO3
  • MW:105.09
  • Purity:98% or according to customer requirements
  • Color:White
  • Product Categories: Amino Acids;alpha-Amino Acids;Biochemistry;Nutritional Supplements;L-Amino Acids;Food & Feed ADDITIVES;
  • Test method: HPLC

What is Serine?

L serine powder is a non-essential amino acid that can be obtained from food or made by the body from various metabolites, like glycine. Pharmaceutical grade l-serine powder is tracked down in soybeans, nuts (particularly peanuts, almonds, and pecans), eggs, chickpeas, lentils, meat, and fish (particularly shellfish). When a person consumes insufficient amounts of serine, their bodies produce serine. Both ketones and glycine are used in its metabolism, and glycine is also used in its retroconversion.

Serine, like the majority of amino acids, is absorbed into the bloodstream after being extracted from food in the small intestine. It then traverses the blood-brain barrier to reach neurons, where it is metabolized into glycine and a wide variety of other molecules. As a result, these metabolic processes regulate the amount of pharmaceutical grade l-serine in cells. More serine is converted from various sources if too little is consumed. Only a small amount is converted to glycine when consumed in excess, and the remainder is metabolized into folate and numerous proteins.

Basic information 
Product Name: L-Serine
Synonyms: (s)-2-amino-3-hydroxypropanoicacid;2-Amion-3-hydroxypropionicacid;alpha-Amino-beta-hydroxypropionic acid; alpha-amino-beta-hydroxypropionicacid; 8-HYDROXY-L-ALANINE; (S)-Serine; Serinum; Serina; Polyserine
CAS: 56-45-1
MW: 105.09
EINECS: 200-274-3
Product Categories: Amino Acids;alpha-Amino Acids;Biochemistry;Nutritional Supplements;L-Amino Acids
Chemical Structure


Chemical Properties   
Melting point  222 °C (dec.) (lit.)
alpha  15.2 º (c=10, 2N HCl)
Boiling point  197.09°C (rough estimate)
density  1.6
refractive index  1.4368 (estimate)
Fp  150°C
storage temp.  2-8°C
solubility  H2O: 50 mg/mL
form  powder
pka 2.19(at 25℃)
color  White
PH 5-6 (100g/l, H2O, 20℃)
optical activity [α]20/D +13.5±0.5°, c = 5% in 5 M HCl
Water Solubility  250 g/L (20 ºC)
λmax λ: 260 nm Amax: 0.05
λ: 280 nm Amax: 0.05
Sublimation  150 ºC
Merck  14,8460
BRN  1721404
Stability: Stable. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.
Usage And Synthesis

1. L serine powder is neuroprotective and supports brain function through a variety of biochemical and molecular mechanisms, according to research. It is known to play a crucial role as a neuromodulator in the brain and is essential in the synthesis of phosphatidylserine, a component of neurons in the brain.

L serine powder is necessary for the synthesis of phosphatidylserine, a type of lipid, when comparing serine to phosphatidylserine. Phosphatidylserine is taken to boost brain powder and improve memory. L-serine is popular because it treats dementia, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's.

According to a Pharmacy Times article, taking L-serine supplements may help people who are at risk for neurodegenerative disease from the environment or possibly from their genes.

2. Combats Fibromyalgia

 According to research, a serine deficiency, which alters the body's capacity to produce tryptophan and serotonin, may be the cause of fibromyalgia in some individuals. Serine levels significantly decreased in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome when compared to controls in one study, which was published in Biochemical and Molecular Medicine.

3. Reduces Stress 

Pharmaceutical grade l-serine is necessary for the production of the amino acid tryptophan, which is a natural stress-relieving and sedative. Because it is used in the production of serotonin, a calming chemical that is produced naturally in the body, increased tryptophan helps alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms.

Tryptophan has been shown to improve treatments for hormonal and behavioral disorders brought on by stress, according to research that was published in Nutritional Neuroscience. Serum serotonin levels have been shown to have an effect on mental health.

Since serine is urgent for the creation of tryptophan and serotonin, keeping up with typical levels might assist with letting side effects free from pressure.

4. Improves Sleep

 Human sleep may be improved by taking pharmaceutical grade l-serine powder before bed, according to Japanese studies. Scores for "sleep initiation" and "sleep maintenance" significantly improved in the treatment group when insomniacs were given the amino acid or a placebo 30 minutes before bedtime.

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