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At Maxmedchem, We specialize in the sustainable creation of high-quality biosynthesis ingredients. In both cosmetics and dietary supplements, biosynthetic approaches offer benefits such as sustainability, scalability, consistency, and purity, contributing to the development of natural and environmentally friendly products. Additionally, biosynthesis can reduce reliance on traditional extraction methods, which may be resource-intensive or environmentally damaging. For example, organic biosynthetic pathways can be engineered into microbial hosts to produce compounds like Urolithin A Powder 99%  (found in ellagitannins) or Ergothioneine Powder 99% (found in mushrooms).
By choosing Maxmedchem Solutions, not only do we provide quality ingredients, but we also offer “U.S” Warehouse services. Assuring our customers can create  Antioxidant products that are both luxurious and effective.
We Provide FDA-Halal-Kosher-Organic-FSSC22000 Certification

Ergothioneine health benefits

Ergothioneine Powder: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Benefits, Sources, and Uses In recent years, ergothioneine has emerged as a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits.

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What is biosynthesis

Understanding Biosynthesis: A Comprehensive Guide Biosynthesis is a fundamental process in living organisms, where complex molecules are synthesized from simpler ones. This intricate process is

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