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Wholesale Spermidine Trihydrochloride

  • Product Name:Wholesale Spermidine Trihydrochloride
  • Other Name: Spermidine Trihydrochloride,N1-(3-Aminopropyl)butane-1,4-diamine
  • Purity: 98%
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • CAS NO.334-50-9
  • In Stock: 100Kg-5000Kg
  • Advantages: US Warehouse
  • Standard: Enterprise Standard
  • Package: 25Kg/Drum or Custom Required
  • Function: Antioxidant
  • Inspected and tested by an international lab before each shipment


What is Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder?

Wholesale spermidine trihydrochloride powder is white fine powder, and made by synthetic process. is a new type of food supplement recognized by the European Commission. Spermidine can help autophagy, a self-cleaning process that occurs in body cells, which is related to a healthy immune system and can also slow down aging. It can regulate plant growth and hair growth as well. Spermidine 3hcl It Is stable under proper conditions(room temperature) and According to GARS(Generally Recognized As Safe) Notice of US, it is safe for human use.


Wholesale spermidine trihydrochloride


Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder Manufacturers Specifications

Product Name Wholesale Spermidine Trihydrochloride
Other Names Spermidine 3hcl; N-(3-Aminopropyl)-1,4-butanediamine trihydrochloride
CAS Number 334-50-9
Molecular Formula C7H22Cl3N3
Molecular Weight 254.63
solubility Soluble in water (100 mg/ml), and ethanol
Specifications 98% min
Appearance/color White to off-white crystalline powder
Benefits Anti-aging, longevity
Package 25kg/drum


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Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder: Supplement, Skincare, Benefits

Cardiovascular health: Spermidine trihydrochloride has been studied for its cardiovascular benefits. Research suggests it may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart failure and high blood pressure. It has been shown to support healthy vascular function. reduce oxidative stress and promote the clearance of harmful substances within the blood vessels

Longevity and Aging: Spermidine trihydrochloride has been associated with longevity and healthy aging. Studies conducted in animal models, including yeast, flies and rats, have shown that spermidine supplementation can extend lifespan. Spermidine ability to induce autophagy and improve cellular health is believed to contribute to its anti-aging effects.

Cognitive Function: Spermidine trihydrochloride has been investigated for its potential cognitive benefits. Animal studies suggest that spermidine supplementation may improve cognitive function and memory. It is believed that spermidine ability to promote autophagy and protect neurons from oxidative stress and protein aggregation contribute to its cognitive enhancing effects.

Modulation of the immune system: Spermidine trihydrochloride has been found to modulate the immune response. It can enhance the activity of certain immune cells such as natural killer cells and macrophages. which plays an important role in immune defense and surveillance Spermidine immunosuppressive effects may lead to its potential beneficial effects in immune-related conditions.


Spermidine Trihydrochloride Supplement For Benefits


Here’s how spermidine trihydrochloride can be incorporated into skincare:

Anti-aging serums: Spermidine trihydrochloride can be formulated into serums designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. These serums often contain other antioxidants and skin-renewing ingredients to enhance their effectiveness.

Moisturizers: Spermidine trihydrochloride can be added to moisturizers to improve skin hydration and elasticity. It helps in maintaining skin barrier function and preventing moisture loss, which is crucial for youthful-looking skin.

Night creams: Night creams enriched with spermidine trihydrochloride can promote overnight skin regeneration and repair. This compound aids in cell turnover, allowing for fresher, more radiant skin in the morning.

Eye creams: Formulations targeting the delicate skin around the eyes may include spermidine trihydrochloride to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Its antioxidant properties can help protect this sensitive area from environmental damage.

Face masks: Spermidine trihydrochloride can be incorporated into face masks to provide a concentrated dose of anti-aging benefits. These masks can help revitalize dull skin, improve texture, and promote a more youthful appearance.


Here's how spermidine trihydrochloride can be incorporated into skincare


Spermidine Trihydrochloride 98% Powder Chromatogram



Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder Package

Wholesale spermidine trihydrochloride powder packaging plays a crucial role in preserving the product freshness, quality, and shelf life. Consider the following packaging features:

  • Packaging And Delivery
Packaging Details 10g/Bag,1Kg/bag/25kg/Drum, According to your requirements
Port China main port
  • In Stock
Supply Ability 5000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month
  • Lead Time
Quantity (kilograms) 1-500 >500
Lead time (days) 5 To be negotiated


Where to Wholesale Spermidine Trihydrochloride?

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