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Pure Quercetin

  • Chemical Name: Quercetin
  • CAS No.: 117-39-5
  • MF: C15H10O7
  • MW:302.24
  • Purity:≥98% or according to customer requirements
  • Product Categories: Pharmaceuticals;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Plant extracts;Herb extract
  • Test method: HPLC


What is Pure Quercetin?

Pure quercetin, a flavonoid found in leafy foods, has special natural properties that might work on mental/actual execution and lessen contamination risk. These properties structure the reason for likely advantages to generally wellbeing and infection opposition, including hostile to cancer-causing, mitigating, antiviral, cell reinforcement, and psychostimulant exercises, as well as the capacity to repress lipid peroxidation, platelet collection and hairlike porousness, and to invigorate mitochondrial biogenesis.

 Hence, there is a squeezing need for very much planned clinical preliminaries to assess this original dietary enhancement further. This article audits impacts of quercetin pure on aggravation and insusceptibility in mental and actual execution and wellbeing.

quercetin bulk

Quercetin Basic information

Product Name: Quercetin
Synonyms: meletin; sophoretin; xanthaurine; quercetine; quercetol; quertine; kvercetin; quercetin supplement
CAS: 117-39-5
MF: C15H10O7
MW: 302.24
EINECS: 204-187-1
Product Categories: Plant extracts; Pharmaceutical Raw Materials; pharmaceutical intermediate; Respiratory Drugs


Chemical Structure


Quercetin Chemical Properties 

Melting point  316.5 °C
Boiling point  363.28°C (rough estimate)
density  1.3616 (rough estimate)
refractive index  1.4790 (estimate)
storage temp.  room temp
pka 6.31±0.40(Predicted)
form  solid
Water Solubility  <0.1 g/100 mL at 21 ºC
Merck  13,8122
BRN  317313

Pure Quercetin Usage And Synthesis

1. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One of the main pure quercetin benefits is its capacity to assist with diminishing aggravation in your body. Research has shown that Quercetin has strong mitigating and cancer prevention agent impacts. These impacts are helpful for anyone hoping to support their overall wellbeing and prosperity.

2. Assists with Immune System Support

One more of the most important pure quercetin benefits is its capacity to assist with supporting your body’s insusceptible framework. Ongoing examination, distributed in the Journal of Nutrients in 2016, showed that Quercetin is a protected and viable enhancement both for lessening irritation and for further developing resistant framework capacities. 

3. Advances a Healthy Circulatory System

quercetin pure has been displayed to work on various variables of the circulatory framework, in different various examinations. We’ll take a gander at two of the top Quercetin benefits for advancing a sound circulatory framework:

One review, distributed in 2012, showed that quercetin pure assisted with supporting solid blood lipid values for 200 individuals signed up for the review. 

4. May Help Reduce Stress

New exploration has highlighted pure quercetin powder’s capacity to lessen cortisol levels and potential to assist your body with overseeing pressure. The exploration is as yet in light of creature studies, in any case, and more human examinations are required.

5. Helps Energy Levels

For quite a while, there was some discussion regarding regardless of whether pure quercetin powder could be utilized to work on athletic execution and lift energy levels. In 2009, specialists from the University of South Carolina attempted to put any misinformation to rest. Analysts at the Arnold School of Public Health created information gathered from 12 members engaged with the review. The dynamic gathering was given 500mg of Quercetin two times everyday, for the seven-day study.

Pure Quercetin Application

Pure quercetin is used in health product.

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