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Cosmetic raw material suppliers-Maxmedchem

At Maxmedchem, we’re pioneers in the field of biosynthesis, dedicated to revolutionizing the skincare industry with our innovative approach to raw material production. We specialize in the sustainable creation of high-quality, biosynthesis ingredients that elevate…


Ergothioneine health benefits

Ergothioneine Powder: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Benefits, Sources, and Uses In recent years, ergothioneine has emerged as a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits. Found in certain types of mushrooms and some other foods,…


What does ergothioneine do for skin

Title: Maxmedchem uses fermentation techniques to produce the natural antioxidant L Ergothioneine Powder. A safe and stable compound, ergothioneine is transported to the brain and throughout the body......

Ergothioneine biosynthesis

Title: Ergothioneine biosynthesis from A. bisporus mushrooms is bioavailable as assessed by red blood cell uptake postprandially, As ergothioneine powder manufacturer...

Ergothioneine: An Antioxidant With High Potential

Title: Ergothioneine does have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities. Perhaps you are working on the R&D of your new product, and ergothioneine powder would be a necessarity for your formula. As ergothioneine powder manufacturer...


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