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  • Product Name: 5HTP powder
  • Latin Name: Griffonia simplicifolia L
  • CAS Number: 56-69-9
  • Molecular Formula: C11H12N203
  • Molecular Weight: 220.23
  • Purity: 98%
  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Test Method:HPLC

What is 5HTP?

5-Hydroxytryptophan, (5-HTP) is a natural intermediate of amino acid metabolism, and also a biosynthetic precursor of the neurotransmitter serotonin and melatonin.

Also, 5-HTP is an intermediate product of the body's synthesis of Melatonin and Serotonin. In the United States and Canada, 5-HTP is used as an antidepressant, appetite suppression and sleep aid. The reason why taking 5-HTP has anti-depression and appetite suppression effects is mainly because 5-HTP in the body's blood is converted into serotonin by the enzyme "Decarboxylase", which improves the neurotransmitters of the brain. As for why it has the effect of helping sleep, it is mainly because 5-HTP is the raw material for the synthesis of "melatonin". The magic is: Although the raw materials of melatonin and serotonin are the same (both are Tryptophan), the functions of the two are mutually antagonistic! Serotonin secretion reaches its peak during the day, making people awake and happy; at night, melatonin begins to secrete in large quantities, making people drowsy.

Nowadays, 5-Hydroxytryptophan is sold over-the-counter in the United States, Britain and Canada as a dietary supplement to help patients with depression, anorexia, and insomnia. It is also sold in many European countries as a treatment for major depressive disorder.


What will you need to pay attention to when using 5-HTP?

What's interesting is that Serotonin cannot reach the brain through the blood brain barrier, so it must be penetrated through the blood brain barrier in the form of 5HTP, and then converted into serotonin by Decarboxylase to achieve its effect. Another more noteworthy point is that the conversion of 5-HTP into hemokinin requires the action of Decarboxlase, and vitamin B6 will assist the action of this enzyme. So, if you want to take 5-HTP to achieve its effect, don't take it in combination of vitamin B6.


The help of taking 5-HTP for sleep

Through the above mechanism, everyone clearly understands that the mechanism of 5-HTP to help sleep is to promote the synthesis of serotonin in the brain, so that it can be converted into a sufficient amount of melatonin to help sleep at night. But in fact, not everyone supplemented with 5-HTP is helpful for sleep. If people with sufficient serotonin content, supplementation with "5-HTP" will not help sleep much (because the conversion enzyme is limited). Insomnia usually caused by depression or depression-like conditions (because of the low concentration of serotonin in the brain), the administration of "5-HTP" will have a significant improvement effect. There are many reasons for sleep disorders. Smile hereby appeals to the public, "Normal living habits, moderate stress and regular exercise are the only ways to improve insomnia." Before taking any medicine or health care products to help sleep, Please "stop, watch, listen" first and consult relevant specialists for advice.

What kind of people are suitable to take 5-HTP? 

People who have a mild depression tendency but are not taking antidepressant drugs. Due to high work, life, and interpersonal pressure, there are more and more ethnic groups with mild depression or anxiety tendencies. Although sleeping pills and antidepressants are the fastest and most effective way to improve mood and sleep, the side effects of drugs and sleeping pills The resulting addiction may complicate mild depression or insomnia that could be improved by natural therapies. I feel that I am often easily nervous or have less and less interest in things around me, and I can do nothing. If you are unable to boost your energy, and if you have mild insomnia or poor sleep quality, you may wish to supplement 100-200 mg of 5-HTP before going to bed, or combine with other extracts such as Hypericum extract under the prescription of a naturopath.

However, if it is moderate-severe depression, it is not suitable for 5-HTP or natural therapy to improve the condition.

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