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Sodium Cromoglicate

  • Chemical Name: Cromolyn Disodium Salt
  • CAS No.: 15826-37-6
  • MF: C23H14O11.2Na
  • MW:512.33
  • Specification: USP|EP|BP
  • Purity:98% or As customer requested
  • Chemical Properties:White Crystalline Powder
  • Categories: INTAL;Other APIs;Drug bulk;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals
  • Test method: HPLC


Cromolyn Disodium Salt Description  

Sodium cromoglycate is the sodium salt and common market from of cromoglicic acid, which is a synthetic compound, and as a mast cell stabilizer. It is capable of inhibiting the antigen-induced bronchospasms, and thus being used to treat the asthma and allergic rhinitis. 

Cromoglicate sodium can also be applied as an ophthalmic solution for the treatment of conjunctivitis and systemic mastocytosis and ulcerative colitis. Sodium cromoglicate is capable of inhibiting the degranulation of mast cells, further preventing the release of histamine and slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRS-A), the mediators of type I allergic reaction. Sodium cromoglicate is also capable of inhibiting the release of inflammatory leukotrienes and inhibiting calcium influx.

Dscg Basic information


Product Name: Cromolyn Disodium Salt
Synonyms: DSCG;DISODIUM CROMOGLYCATE;disodium 5,5′-[(2-hydroxytrimethylene)dioxy]bis[4-oxo-4h-1-benzopyran-2-carboxylate];disodium 1,3-bis(2-carboxy-5-chromonyloxy)-2-propanol;CROMOGLYCATE SODIUM SALT;CROMOGLYCIC ACID SODIUM SALT;CROMOLYN SODIUM;CROMOLYN SODIUM SALT
CAS: 15826-37-6
MF: C23H14O11.2Na
MW: 512.33
EINECS: 239-926-7
Product Categories: INTAL; Other APIs; Drug bulk; Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals
Mol File: 15826-37-6.mol

Disodium Cromoglycate Chemical Structure

Cromolyn Disodium Salt            

Cromolyn Sodium Chemical Properties


Melting point  241-2420C (dec)
storage temp.  Refrigerator, Under Inert Atmosphere
solubility  Soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol (96 per cent).
form  neat
Water Solubility  Soluble in water to 100mg/ml
Merck  14,2590
Stability: Hygroscopyc
CAS DataBase Reference 15826-37-6(CAS DataBase Reference)

Cromolyn Disodium Salt Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties White Crystalline Powder
Uses antiasthmatic, antiallergy
Anti Asthamatic
Chromone complex which blocks mast cell degranulation
Indications Cromolyn sodium (Intal) is chemically related drugs called chromones that is used for the prophylaxis of mild or moderate asthma. It is administered by inhalation and has very good safety profiles, making them particularly useful in treating children.
Definition ChEBI: An organic sodium salt that is the disodium salt of cromoglycic acid.
Manufacturing Process To a solution of 970 parts of 2,6-dihydroxyacetophenone and 325 parts of epichlorohydrin in 1,500 parts of hot isopropanol was added, with stirring under reflux, a solution of 233 parts of 85% KOH in 2,500 parts of isopropanol and sufficient water (ca 100 parts) to dissolve the solid. The mixture was heated, with stirring, under reflux for 48 hours. Half the solvent was then distilled off and 5,000 parts of water were added. The mixture was cooled and the solid filtered off and washed with isopropanol and ether. It was then recrystallized from 12,500 parts of isopropanol to obtain a first crop of 380 parts and a second crop, after concentration, of 300 parts of 1,3-bis(2- acetyl-3-hydroxyphenoxy)-2hydroxypropane.
4.6 parts of 1,3-bis(2-acetyl-3-hydroxyphenoxy)-2-hydroxypropane were reacted with diethyl oxalate and the product cyclized to obtain 4.4 parts of pure diethyl ester of 1,3-bis(2-carboxychromon-5-yloxy)-2-hydroxypropane as pale yellow crystals melting between 180° and 182°C from a mixture of benzene and petrol, 4 parts of the diethyl ester of 1,3-bis(2-carboxychromon5-yloxy)-2-hydroxypropane were saponified with sodium hydroxide to obtain 3.2 parts of the disodium salt tetrahydrate as colorless crystals from aqueous alcohol.
Therapeutic Function Bronchodilator

Clinical Use Sodium cromoglicate is used almost exclusively for the prophylactic treatment of mild to moderate asthma and should not be used for the control of acute bronchospasm. This agent is effective in about 60 to 70% of children and adolescents with asthma. Unfortunately, there is no reliable means to predict which patients will respond.It is less effective in older patients and in patients with severe asthma. It may take up to 4 to 6 weeks of treatment for cromolyn sodium to be effective in chronic asthma, but it is effective after a single dose in exercise-induced asthma. With respect to clinical efficacy, cromolyn sodium and nedocromil sodium do not differ in a substantial way.


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