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Ketotifen Fumarate

  • Chemical Name: Ketotifen fumarate
  • CAS No.: 34580-14-8
  • MF: C23H23NO5S
  • MW:425.5
  • Specification: USP|EP|BP
  • Purity:98% or As customer requested
  • Water Solubility:Soluble in water (10 mg/ml), DMSO (100 mM), and methanol.
  • Chemical Properties:white (or light-yellow) crystalline powder
  • Test method: HPLC


What is Ketotifen Fumarate 

Ketotifen Fumarate is the fumarate salt of ketotifen, a cycloheptathiophene subordinate with hostile to hypersensitive action. 

Ketotifen fumarate powder specifically impedes receptor (H1) receptors and forestalls the average side effects brought about by receptor discharge. This specialist likewise disrupts the arrival of provocative arbiters from pole cells engaged with extreme touchiness responses, subsequently diminishing chemotaxis and actuation of eosinophils.

Zaditor Basic information   

Product Name: Ketotifen fumarate
Synonyms: Ketotifene fumarate; 10H-Benzo4,5cyclohepta1,2-bthiophen-10-one, 4,9-dihydro-4-(1-methyl-4-piperidinylidene)-, (2E)-2-butenedioate (1:1); zaditor; KETOTIFEN FUMARATE EP; Allerkif; Anatifen; 4,9-Dihydro-4-(1-methyl-4-piperidylidene)-10H-benzo[4,5]cyclohepta[1,2-b]thiophen-10-one fumarate;zaditen
CAS: 34580-14-8
MF: C23H23NO5S
MW: 425.5
EINECS: 252-100-0
Product Categories: Antagonists; Histaminergics; Neurotransmitters; Histamine receptor; Aromatics; Antiallergic agents; Heterocycles; Intermediates & Fine Chemicals; Pharmaceuticals; Sulfur & Selenium Compounds; Pharmaceutical raw material; SERC; Other APIs
Mol File: 34580-14-8.mol

Zaditen Chemical Structure

Ketotifen fumarate            

Ketotifen Fumarate Ep Chemical Properties


Melting point  192 C
storage temp.  Store at RT
solubility  Sparingly soluble in water, slightly soluble in methanol, very slightly soluble in acetonitrile.
form  neat
PH pH (10g/l, 25℃) : 3.0~4.0
Water Solubility  Soluble in water (10 mg/ml), DMSO (100 mM), and methanol.
λmax 297nm(MeOH)(lit.)
Merck  14,5307
CAS DataBase Reference 34580-14-8(CAS DataBase Reference)

Ketotifen fumarate Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties:

This product is white (or light-yellow) crystalline powder, and is odorless with bitter taste. It is slightly soluble in water and ethanol, and easily soluble in methanol but very slightly soluble in chloroform and acetone.


Dermatology applies it to the treatment of allergic diseases such as urticaria, pruritus, eczema, atopic dermatitis, and neurodermatitis; it is recently reported that it is also effective in the treatment of scleroderma. For medicine, it has a good efficacy in treating asthma, especially with a significant effect on treating allergic asthma, followed by mixed asthma, and being effective in half of cases for infecting type. It can also be used for the prevention of asthma.

Ketotifen fumarate is utilized to treat hypersensitive circumstances like conjunctivitis (as eye drops) and asthma (tablets or inhalers) because of its allergy med properties. Ketotifen fumarate likewise goes about as a pole cell stabilizer, diminishing the arrival of normal synthetic substances that trigger hypersensitive reactions, irritation, aviation route fits, and other asthma and sensitivity side effects.

Ketotifen fumarate powder is utilized in the drawn out treatment of asthma, decreasing wheezing and breathing trouble in patients. It is oftentimes utilized close by other asthma meds (corticosteroids like prednisone, breathed in beta-agonists like salbutamol).

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