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pqq para que serve

pqq disodium salt powde or for those more intimate, pqq para que serve, is a molecule naturally found in foods of plant origin, some dairy products and even in human milk!

It was discovered in 1979 and since then, especially in recent years, it has become even better known. If you’ve never heard of it or want to know more, keep reading to find out why I’m such a fan of  pqq para que serve and why I believe it is a molecule of rejuvenation and longevity.




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pqq para que serve is the only molecule currently known capable of stimulating the production of new mitochondria, a mechanism called mitochondrial biogenesis

And what does that mean? Mitochondria are organelles present in almost all animal cells! It is responsible for producing the energy necessary to activate the entire metabolism. During the aging process, we know that the number of mitochondria in the body decreases and that is why something capable of stimulating the synthesis of new mitochondria, like Pyrroloquinoline quinone pqq powder does, is truly incredible!


Mitochondrial biogenesis and its powerful antioxidant effect is the key to reversing the aging process and all the beneficial effects attributed to pqq para que serve

Scientific evidence indicates that pyrroloquinoline quinone is capable of improving cognitive functions such as attention and memory, this is already a function that I would call rejuvenation. But that’s not all: PQQ is rumored to have even more surprising rejuvenating effects, such as increasing the skin’s hydration level or even reducing gray hair.

Yes! You read that right, if you research PQQ further, you will certainly find someone saying that its constant use can reduce gray hair, is that true?

In all honesty, at the time I am writing this article, I have not yet proven with my own eyes whether PQQ is really capable of rejuvenating hair, although, knowing that oxidative stress is a mechanism involved in the origin of gray hair and that Pyrroloquinoline quinone is also a powerful antioxidant biomolecule 10 thousand times more powerful than vitamin C, this theory doesn’t seem that absurd to me.

But, speaking of things I’ve seen with my own eyes, I’ve seen patients in my office report an improvement in their skin’s hydration level with a single application of a serum with vitamins in combination with PQQ. In fact, I confess that the first time my patient reported this benefit to me, I thought it couldn’t be possible, until I went researching and found something described in scientific literature that speaks in favor of pyrroloquinoline quinone influencing the skin’s level of hydration.


My experience with pyrroloquinoline quinone

Since 2018 I have used PQQ more frequently in my office. I prescribe PQQ orally, in doses of 5 to 20 mg/day and I also use it daily intramuscularly and intravenously in doses of 500 mcg to 5 mg.

The effect of intravenous PQQ is, without a shadow of a doubt, the quickest to be noticed: almost instantly it is possible to observe an “internal heat” and improved energy.

Through the intramuscular route, something curious happens: some patients report this heat within minutes, others within hours after application. In my experience, I have empirically associated this phenomenon with the patient’s energy metabolism. The longer it takes to feel the heat, the more compromised your energy efficiency is.


Have medical supervision when using pqq para que serve or any dietary supplement for a long period

Of course, it cannot be said that pyrroloquinoline quinone is capable of rejuvenating. I myself wouldn’t bet all my chips on just a single biomolecule. I believe that they can help us improve our health, however, I believe that true rejuvenation, if it can actually happen, will come from the constant evolution of our lifestyle.

PQQ is found naturally in foods and studies indicate the safety of using doses up to 250 times higher than those found in the diet.

Nowadays, anyone can buy PQQ capsules on the internet. However, I strongly suggest that you never take anything, any supplementation, such as PQQ, for months, without monitoring biochemical markers (blood tests).

In fact, I always do a blood test before starting treatment and monitor blood markers during follow-up. Only then can we ensure that everything is going well. This is the importance of a doctor to assist in health monitoring.

When the topic is longevity and the project is to live healthily and independently for more than 120 years, the truth is that we are at the limit of scientific knowledge. A few will be the first who, with awareness, autonomy and knowledge, will reach where no one else has reached.



PQQ Powder 99% tested by accredited third party labs in the USA to ensure their identity, purity and potency. To receive a copy of these test results or any other Maxmedchem please fill out the COA request form found here. Want to try a sample? Request one here.



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