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Zinc Bacitracin

  • Chemical Name:Zinc bacitracin
  • CAS No.:1405-89-6
  • MF: C66H101N17O16SZn
  • MW:1486.06744
  • Specification: USP|EP|BP
  • Purity: 90%-99% or As customer requested
  • Appearance: Fine Crystalline Powder
  • Water Solubility:5.1 g/L (28 ºC)
  • Product Categories: Steroids; Veterinaries; API intermediates; pharmaceutical raw material; APIs
  • Test method: HPLC

Zinc bacitracin is bacitracin and zinc ions to form complexes, which is a polypeptide antibiotic, is one of the most widely used antibiotics in feed additives, zinc content is 2%~12%. synthetic product is white or yellowish powder, with special odor, deliquescent alkaline substance, soluble in water, methanol and ethanol. Zinc bacitracin has strong antibacterial effect against gram positive bacteria, also has antibacterial properties of some gram negative bacteria. 

The use of zinc bacitracin in pig feed, can promote growth, improve feed, prevention and treatment of swine bacterial diarrhea and chronic respiratory diseases. The concentration of 10 in general to 100mg/kg, more than the addition range of effect was not improved obviously. Zinc bacitracin in swine intestine is not generally absorbed, so there is no problem, is a reliable and safe antibiotic additives. Bacitracin zinc toxicity is strong, and not easy to be absorbed, it can not be used as a systemic infection treatment. 

Zinc bacitracin Basic information    

Product Name: Zinc bacitracin
CAS: 1405-89-6
MF: C66H101N17O16SZn
MW: 1486.06744
EINECS: 215-787-8
Product Categories: Steroids; Veterinaries; API intermediates; pharmaceutical raw material; APIs
Mol File: 1405-89-6.mol

BACITRACIN ZINC Chemical Structure

Zinc bacitracin            

BACITRACIN ZINC SALT Chemical Properties   
Melting point  250 °C (dec.)
storage temp.  2-8°C
solubility  10 mM HCl: 5 mg/mL, clear, faintly yellow-green
form  Fine Crystalline Powder
color  White to light yellow-gray or beige
Water Solubility  5.1 g/L (28 ºC)
Merck  13,938
EPA Substance Registry System Zinc bacitracin (1405-89-6)


Uses 1. It is used as feed additive for promoting the growth of livestock and poultry, prevention and treatment of livestock and poultry bacterial diarrhea and dense helicoid is caused by blood dysentery. Oral administration of zinc bacitracin is almost no absorption, mostly in 2 days with the feces. So it is not easy to remain in the livestock and poultry products; bacteria to bacitracin produced very little resistance, and other antibiotics nor cross resistance and with penicillin, streptomycin, neomycin, streptomycin, mostly clay bacteria and have a synergistic effect. This product is toxic, not injection. The goods and olaquindox, guitar mold, mold of Virginia, Pinella mildew element existence is incompatibility.
2. Zinc bacitracin is a polypeptide antibiotic, against gram positive bacteria with a bactericidal effect, its mechanism is mainly inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell wall of bacteria, can also with sensitive bacteria cell membrane combined injury of cell membrane integrity, resulting in cells of the important materials in the outflow. Effectively inhibit gram positive bacteria and some gram negative bacteria; bacteria on resistance of zinc bacitracin slower, and other antibiotics without cross resistance.
3.Peptide antibiotics, can inhibit the phosphorylation of pyrophosphate lipid, thereby inhibiting the synthesis of bacterial cell walls.
Chemical Properties White to pale buff powder
Uses Bacitracin zinc is a dephosphorylation of the C55-isoprenyl pyrophosphate interference for inhibition of cleavage of Tyr from Met-enkephalin with IC50 of 10 μM.


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