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Ascorbic Acid Powder(50-81-7)C6H8O6

  • Chemical Name: Ascorbic acid/Vitamin C
  • CAS No.:50-81-7
  • MF:C6H8O6
  • MW:176.12
  • Purity:≥98% or according to customer requested
  • Color: white to slightly yellow
  • Product Categories:Vitamins;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;vitamin;PHARMACEUTICALS
  • Test method: HPLC

What is Ascorbic Acid?

Ascorbic Acid is a natural water-soluble vitamin (Vitamin C). Ascorbic acid is a potent reducing and antioxidant agent that functions in fighting bacterial infections, in detoxifying reactions, and in the formation of collagen in fibrous tissue, teeth, bones, connective tissue, skin, and capillaries. Found in citrus and other fruits, and in vegetables, vitamin C cannot be produced or stored by humans and must be obtained in the diet. (NCI04)

Product Name: Ascorbic acid powder
Synonyms: 3-Keto-L-gulofuranolactone;3-Oxo-L-gulofuranolactone;3-oxo-l-gulofuranolactone(enolform); Adenex;Allercorb; Antiscorbic vitamin; antiscorbicvitamin; Antiscorbutic vitamin
CAS: 50-81-7
MF: C6H8O6
MW: 176.12
EINECS: 200-066-2
Product Categories: Vitamins;Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;vitamin;PHARMACEUTICALS
Chemical Structure

Ascorbic acid            

Chemical Properties
Melting point 190-194 °C (dec.)
alpha 20.5 º (c=10,H2O)
Boiling point 227.71°C (rough estimate)
density 1,65 g/cm3
refractive index 21 ° (C=10, H2O)
storage temp. Store at +5°C to +30°C.
solubility H2O: 50 mg/mL at 20 °C, clear, nearly colorless
form powder
pka 4.04, 11.7(at 25℃)
color white to slightly yellow
PH 1.0 - 2.5 (25℃, 176g/L in water)
PH Range 1 - 2.5
Odor Odorless
optical activity [α]25/D 19.0 to 23.0°, c = 10% in H2O
Water Solubility 333 g/L (20 ºC)
Merck 14,830
BRN 84272
Stability: Stable. May be weakly light or air sensitive. Incompatible with oxidizing agents, alkalies, iron, copper.
Ascorbic acid Uses And Synthesis

L-ascorbic acid is a white to very pale yellow crystalline powder with a pleasant sharp acidic taste. Almost odorless. 

Ascorbic acid benefits

1.Vitamin C is a well-known anti-oxidant. Its effect on free-radical formation when topically applied to the skin by means of a cream has not been clearly established. The effectiveness of topical applications has been questioned due to vitamin C’s instability (it reacts with water and degrades). 

2.Some forms are said to have better stability in water systems. Synthetic analogues such as magnesium ascorbyl phosphate are among those considered more effective, as they tend to be more stable. When evaluating its ability to fight free-radical damage in light of its synergistic effect with vitamin e, vitamin C shines. As vitamin e reacts with a free radical, it, in turn, is damaged by the free radical it is fighting. Vitamin C comes in to repair the free-radical damage in vitamin e, allowing e to continue with its free-radical scavenging duties. Past research has indicated that high concentrations of topically applied vitamin C are photoprotective, and apparently the vitamin preparation used in these studies resisted soap and water, washing, or rubbing for three days. 

3.More current research has indicated that vitamin C does add protection against uVB damage when combined with uVB sunscreen chemicals. This would lead one to conclude that in combination with conventional sunscreen agents, vitamin C may allow for longer-lasting, broader sun protection. Again, the synergy between vitamins C and e can yield even better results, as apparently a combination of both provides very good protection from uVB damage. However, vitamin C appears to be significantly better than e at protecting against uVA damage. A further conclusion is that the combination of vitamins C, e, and sunscreen offers greater protection than the sum of the protection offered by any of the three ingredients acting alone. 

4.Vitamin C also acts as a collagen biosynthesis regulator. It is known to control intercellular colloidal substances such as collagen, and when formulated into the proper vehicles, can have a skin-lightening effect. Vitamin C is said to be able to help the body fortify against infectious conditions by strengthening the immune system. There is some evidence (although debated) that vitamin C can pass through the layers of the skin and promote healing in tissue damaged by burns or injury. It is found, therefore, in burn ointments and creams used for abrasions. Vitamin C is also popular in anti-aging products. Current studies indicate possible anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Vitamin C benefits

Vitamin C is widely used in many fields such as food , beverage, breeding and forage additives. Its main functions reflected in following 5 aspects:

  1)Keep food, fruits and beverage fresh and prevent them from producing unpleasant smell.
  2)Prevent formation of nitrous amine from nitrous acid in meat products.
  3)Improve dough quality and make baked food expand to its maximum.
  4)Compensate the Vitamin C losses of beverage ,fruits and vegetables during processing rocedures.
  5)Used as nutritional element in additives,Feed additives.

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Technical Support & Resources

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