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OLED Material Intermediate

OLED Material Intermediate

In the last 10 years, OLED technology has made significant progress, the product from 5cm to 107cm OLED sample be gradually introduced. Nowadays, OLED materials play an important role in OLED technology as the foundation and core of it.

According to the different organic light-emitting materials used, OLED is divided into two types:

●Small-molecule OLED based on a small-molecule organic light emitting material;

●Polymer OLED based on a conjugated polymer organic light emitting material.

We produce fluorescent materials and OLED intermediate materials that cover the upstream field of the OLED industry chain.

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Maxmedchem Corperation stands committed to Current Good Manufacturing Practices, conforming to International Standards, ensuring timely supply with cost effectiveness, quality pharmaceutical products to meet customers’ expectations, achieving high customer satisfaction and market leadership in domestic as well as overseas markets by implementing Quality Management Systems on continual improvement basis.

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