Pyridazine Compounds
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Pyridazine Compounds

Pyridazines are rare in nature, possibly reflecting the scarcity of naturally occurring hydrazines, common building blocks for the synthesis of these heterocycles. The pyridazine structure is a popular pharmacophore which is found within a number of herbicides such as credazine, pyridafol and pyridate.

Regarding to the solubility, they are insoluble in petroleum ether, but soluble in methanol, ethanol and miscible with water, benzene and dimethylformamide.

In particular, the invention provides pyridazine compounds or related heterocyclic derivatives, compositions comprising the same, and methods of making and using pyridazine compounds or related heterocyclic derivatives and compositions comprising the same, for modulation of cellular pathways, for treatment or prevention of inflammatory diseases (e.g., Alzheimer's disease), for research, drug screening, and therapeutic applications.

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