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Thiophene Compounds

Where is thiophene found?

It occurs with benzene in coal tar, from which source it was first isolated in 1883. Today, thiophene is prepared commercially from butane or butene and sulfur or sulfur dioxide. Certain thiophene derivatives occur as plant pigments and other natural products.

What contains thiophene?

However, several commercially available drugs such as Tipepidine, Tiquizium Bromides, Timepidium Bromide, Dorzolamide, Tioconazole, Citizolam, Sertaconazole Nitrate and Benocyclidine also contain thiophene nucleus.

Is thiophene an organic compound?

Thiophene is a heterocyclic compound with the formula C4H4S. Consisting of a planar five-membered ring, it is aromatic as indicated by its extensive substitution reactions. It is a colorless liquid with a benzene-like odor.

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