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What is the HS code for cosmetic raw materials

Maxmedchem has acquired experience biosynthesis cosmetic raw materials in bulk industry. Based on this technical know-how, we offer our manufacturers and suppliers a reliable source of products and synthesis materials for the anti-aging sector. We are equally fortunate to be able to call upon well-established supplier and distribution networks spanning Central and U.S with Europe, supported by over 30 warehouses at key strategic locations.


What is the HS code for Cosmetic Raw Materials?

The Harmonized System (HS) code for cosmetic raw materials suppliers varies depending on the specific material. Here are some common categories and their corresponding HS codes:

  • Essential Oils: HS code 3301
  • Colorants: HS code 3204 (for synthetic organic colorants) and HS code 3206 (for other colorants)
  • Emollients and Moisturizers: HS code 3404 (for artificial waxes and prepared waxes)
  • Surfactants: HS code 3402 (for organic surface-active agents)
  • Preservatives: HS code 2909 (for phenols, phenol-alcohols, and their derivatives)
  • Antioxidants: HS code 2936 (for provitamins and vitamins, natural or reproduced by synthesis)


What is the HS code for Hyaluronic Acid?

HS code 30049010 | – Containing antigens or hyaluronic acid powder or its sodium salt.


What is the HS code for L-Ergothioneine?

HS code 497-30-3 | L-Ergothioneine powder Maxmedchem anti-aging raw material.


What is the HS code for Pyrroloquinoline Quinone?

HS code 72909-34-3 | Pyrroloquinoline quinone powder.


What is the HS code for Coenzyme Q10?

HS Code 29146200 | Coenzyme Q10 powder (Ubidecarenone (INN)).


What is the HS code for Spermidine Trihydrochloride Powder?

HS Code 334-50-9 | Spermidine base is in liquid form, while Spermidine trihydrochloride is in powder form.


What is the HS code for L-Glutathione oxidised?

HS Code 27025-41-8 | L-Glutathione oxidised powder 98%.


What is the HS code for Glutathione?

HS Code 29419090 | used for Glutathione powder 98% – Export.


What is the HS code for Urolithin A?

HS Code 1143-70-0 | Urolithin A powder 99% White or of- white powder or crystlline power.


What is the HS code for Pro-Xylane?

HS Code 439685-79-7 | Hydroxypropyl tetrahydropyrantriol pwoder.


What is the HS code for Ectoine?

HS Code 29339900 | Ectoine powder 98% White or off-white crystalline powder or crystals.


What is the HS code for Kojic Acid?

HS Code 30049099 | Kojic acid powder is an organic compound and price.


What is the HS code for Kojic Acid Dipalmitate?

HS Code 79725-98-7 | MF:C38H66O6, Kojic acid dipalmitate powder white powder.


What is the HS code for Resveratrol?

HS Code 501-36-0 | Resveratrol powder 99% (HPLC), resveratrol powder is a natural polyphenol and powerful antioxidant.


How to Find China Cosmetic Ingredient Manufacturers

There are mainly 5 steps to customize and private label cosmetic ingredient from China Ingredient manufacturers:

Send your samples
Tell your customization requirements for product to several suppliers( at least 2-3 suppliers) or show them your sample function. You can send the customization Cosmetic formula to the China Cosmetic Ingredient supplier directly.

Confirm the details and get a quotation
Communicate with factories about the cosmetic Ingredient, then select the most suitable one to cooperate with according to their quotation, COA communication, etc.

Make a pre-production sample
After you choose a factory, the factory will send a sample for you to check the specification, In general, the supplier will charge the fees for the sample. And after you place an order, the sample fee will be refunded.

Arrange mass production
Then, the factory will source the required of cosmetic ingredient and start the mass production.

Quality inspection & arrange shipment
After finishing the mass production, PQQ Powder Quality Control VS Quality Assurance.



As an Maxmedchem cosmetic raw material suppliers, associate, or skincare industry customer, you can count on our dedicated support throughout the procurement process. Perhaps you are working on the R&D of your Skincare new product, and powder would be a necessarity for your formula, ✨Want to try a sample? Request one here.





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