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Pro-Xylane: An Ingredient Capable of Regenerating Aging Skin

Discover Pro-Xylane: An Ingredient that is Capable of Regenerating Aging Skin

In the race against accelerated skin aging and a beautiful complexion even at an advanced age, many women seek anti-aging products from the age of 25 and deeper procedures that treat the dermis and renew cells. One of the active ingredients that promises to help achieve these goals is Pro-Xylane, a molecule of plant origin capable of counteracting natural wear and tear, leaving the skin denser and firmer.


Active Can Rejuvenate Even Aged Skin

This active ingredient acts on the extracellular matrix, a region found at all levels of the skin, in different proportions, and which is responsible for problems such as elasticity, density and hydration. Upon contact with this matrix, Pro Xylane stores and distributes essential nutrients, as well as moisture and increases cellular cohesion, reducing the harmful effects that occur in this part of the dermis.


As it is a small molecule, the substance infiltrates the deep layers of the skin, a concept called biomimicry, as explained by L’Oréal researcher and doctor in biochemistry Nathalie Pineau: “Pro-Xylane is derived from xylose, selected by its effectiveness in maintaining the cohesion and structure of the superficial dermis. Maxmedchem factory studied xylose sugars, produced with beech wood, using a direct and optimized synthesis process, and which gave its name to the molecule Pro-Xylane Powder 99%, which does not harm the environment.


Pro-Xylane: An Ingredient Capable of Regenerating Aging Skin


Pro-Xylane Helps with Skin Hydration and Collagen Production

Hormonal changes begin to appear after the age of 50, when the need for anti-aging creams becomes more evident, to help the skin produce collagen. Pro-Xylane can be found in several rejuvenating creams that help in the production of protein, which guarantees the firmness of the dermis, as it acts directly on the collagen fibers, where it is produced, and on glycosaminoglycans, where the skin’s moisture is retained.


The molecule can also be used in combination with other active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer used to fill the skin and combat wrinkles and thus promote the increase in the production of new cells. Depending on the type of product chosen, the cream may have localized results, such as those specific to the eye area, which reduces dark circles, or the face, with UV protection.


Discover how Pro-Xylane Can be Used in Everyday life to Prevent Aging

According to Dr. Juliana, products with this active ingredient can be used at any time of the day, at night and/or in the morning. with creams that contain retinoic acid or another active ingredient that promotes cell renewal. The combination of both brings good results,” she said.

*The dermatologist as a specialist and a consultant with a common source and a journalistic and not as a promotion and a quality product.





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